Google's December 2020 Core Update - Things to know

There is no bigger anticipation for SEO professionals and website owners than the news of Google algorithm update. Yes, Google has confirmed its core update in its ranking algorithm in the last week. Why there is such anticipation? What impact does it have on websites? Read this article to know the answers. 

What is Google Core Update?

Google and other search engines have crawl bots to analyse the contents of a website. They store these crawled data. Search engines will show your content when it is matched with the search. There is a system of regulations and algorithm is in place for almost all search engines to show the best and most relevant result to the searches. 

Google as a leading search engine in the globe modifies its algorithm for analysing and ranking a website at regular intervals to meet up with the user behavioural change, to show more relevant and authoritative content to the searchers. This modification of algorithm and system is called a Core update. 

What are things to keep in mind?

Change in Page Rankings

Google has officially confirmed that this update might take around two weeks to roll out completely. Your website ranking might go down in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). In that case, we advise you not to panic, as it is normal after a core update. If you have worked hard in the past months to rank you might reap the fruit from this update. 

Focus on content

Content is the most important player. Your website ranked based only on the content it has. If it has the most engaging content with a piece of most relevant information, there is no doubt in you hitting the SERP. Also, content pushing velocity is the most important factor determining the time to be on SERP. Use the player wisely to make the game yours. 

What is new in this Google Core update?

Mobile User Experience

Google has been focusing on the user experience part over the past years. The page experience update applies only to the mobile searches and it will not have any impact on the Desktop results page in the search engine. If you want your website to perform well in the mobile searches, go through Google’s page experience guide. Make sure your website meets all the requirements in the guide. 

Boost on Local Business Platforms

Google maps and local search are getting two major updates in a mission to boost Google’s small business hub. Local businesses can answer the customer’s question directly through google maps from their business profile. Local businesses also going to get the benefit of analytics from the searches to understand their performance better. 

How Joomla! Helps in SEO

Joomla! Is powering more than 2 million websites on the internet and the number is growing every day. Joomla! Framework optimized for SEO to help the websites rank better in the search results. Joomla articles help you to create a different type of article in a combination you want. Joomla! Allows you to embed videos and other engaging content in the website to increase user experience. 

Joomla! Is the sophisticated platform for SEO. The only thing you have to do is to create a best content for your website. Free feel to reach out to us, if you need any assistance. Use the potential of this amazing CMS and be present in the results page of relevant searches of your business. Hard work never fails!

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