Top 10 Reasons to Use Joomla CMS

Running a business successfully is the most difficult job on the universe. It needs a lot of skill, effort, time and learnings of the changes that is happening around us. We all agree if our business is not online we have very less chance to win the race of success. At the same time, Not only a presence can help us reach the goal.

This is where the CMS (Content Management System) plays its role. If you have a website for your business supported by a CMS tool, you are already in the route to victory. There are numerous advantages to have CMS enabled website. We have mentioned some of the key advantages about using a CMS tool. Let us explore.


Customers will reach your site from any device, your website must be adaptable to all the devices else it will create a negative impact on search results. The CMS tools are device responsive hence customers can can access site from any device and the important thing is we are not going to do anything extra for this device responsiveness.

Cost Effective

Every penny count for us who do business. As it is worth spending to the technology which will make our business bigger, there can be ways to mitigate this huge investment. Many CMS suite tools are open source and free like Joomla which is an outstanding CMS which give us all the benefits at free of cost.

Basic Knowledge in Computer / No Technical Skills

If you know to use an editor in the Computer system, it is more than enough to operate an CMS system. You need not have an abundant knowledge about HTML, PHP, JavaScript etc., Everything in the CMS tool is preloaded with all the technologies required. We only have to use it to the fullest.

Search Engine Friendly

Your website must be visible to the Search Engines so that it will appear on the search result when the potential prospects search for your product or service. CMS tools are SEO friendly as they automatically create a Meta Data Section for every menu you create on your site. This ia an out of box advantage in using a CMS

User Friendly

All the CMS tools are designed to enhance the user experience which enables the business to function better. You can customize your site to your needs. The only things we need is the creativity to make our site unique.

Predefined Templates

For Most of the CMS there are plenty of quality templates available in abundance. For example Joomlabuff is a template provider of Joomla templates. Using a template to build your site will comparatively reduce your time and effort at the same time these template providers provide a constant support so that you are on time to the market.

Multi-Lingual Adaptability

Many Businesses run on multiple locations. In normal case, you have to build a seperate site to every language where your business runs. This is a hectic process. CMS also have a solution for this. Let us take into our favourite open source CMS Joomla into consideration, it has about 70 global language translation packs. Hence creating a website with multiple language sites made simple and easy.

Customizable and Independent

A CMS will provide you a state of freedom which you cannot get in the traditional websites. You need not to depend on developers for a simple change in your website. Consider if you want to create an sale campaign for christmas, you can just login to your CMS tool, create or edit the contents in the site and your sale campaign is on.

Better Internal Management and TOTAL control

In a CMS tool, you can easily track the performance of the site. You can limit the what should be visible to the customers and what shouldn’t. The data about your business is the most crucial thing. You can even limit the visibility of data to the internal users. For example by enabling Multi-User permission level system provided by Joomla. You can generate the report of your performance online at any point of time and it hardly takes some minutes.


Almost all the CMS tools, help us to integrate with external analytics tools to generate the KPI ( Key Performance Indicator) . KPI is a measurable value that demonstrates how a business is performing to achieve its objectives. Through KPIs with the help of CMS and Analytic tools we can have the insight of business performance in the future. 

And all  of it can be implemented in your business by enabling CMS in your Website.

Sriram Viswanaathan

Passionate in content and SEO

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