How to Insert a Module Inside a Joomla Article

Blogs and Articles are the important channel to establish communication between the customers and a business. You can increase the customer attraction in the blog or article section by including CTA (call to action) like read more, subscription button, opinion poll etc., inside the blog. You can achieve this easily in Joomla! By inserting the respective modules.

Joomla! Provides an insert module option in its article that comes with the standard joomla package. Using this insert module option, you can insert the any module in the article where it fits the most. We have included the step-by-step procedure to insert modules in the Joomla article.

Login to your Admin Dashboard

Step-1: Go to Extensions -> Plugins there you should enable Content - Load modules

load module plugin

To insert the module in the article you must know the module ID and label. To get the knowledge of the module. It is easy to identify modules using its module id because each module has an unique module id. 

Step-2: Go to Extensions-> Modules. Here you will find the details of all the modules available in your Joomla! Site. 

Modules ID

Step-3: Select the article where you want to add the module.

Go to Content -> Articles Open your Respective Articles. here you can find the toolbar section, you will find the insert module icon. Place the cursor in the Joomla! Article editor where you want to add the article.

Click on that icon. A list of enabled modules in your Joomla! Site will be shown. Identify your needed module using the module label and unique module id. 

Module insert in articles

After finding the exact module, Click on the module. You will find the following code will be inserted in your blog/article.

You can add the module directly into the article without selecting the insert module icon by entering the above code if you know the exact module id. The syntax is,

(loadmoduleid module_id_number}

Step-4: After inserting the module, select “Save & Close” option. You have successfully inserted a module in your article. In addition, you can insert a different & desired number of modules in your article at your convenience. 

Now open the blog in the website where you have inserted the module and you will find a fully functional module in your Joomla Article. 

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