Fashiony - Fashion J2Store Joomla eCommerce Template


Fashiony is a premium fashion web template built using Joomla! The Fashion industry is one of the most dynamic and challenging as the trend and taste of the customers changes with every occasion. We have designed this joomla template that could be customizable to all the trends and categories in the Fashion world. The architect of Fashiony template is in such a way that the products and the services can be portrayed in an attractive manner to the customers and visitors of the website that is going to be built using this Joomla Theme. With fashiony as your theme, show your customers that you are unique in the fashion world.

We have included many elements that could help the websites built using the fashiony to outperform their business competitors in the online world. The importance of each element is listed in the detailed manner below.

E-Commerce Enabled

Fashiony Joomla theme has a dedicated section for e-Commerce created using Joomla J2Store Shopping cart. an outstanding shopping cart extension. which has a lot of features that helps to build your online store easily.

Helix Framework

Fashiony template is built using the Helix Framework which is considered to be the best joomla template development framework. The UI & UX of this Helix framework is front end based and a Drag and Drop edit system. Hence, the changes we make in the can be effected live on the website. This gives a key advantage to the customers with non-technical background to maintain their websites with the very minimal effort and time.

Mega Menu & Super Mega Menu

In this Joomla template we are able to highlight the components in the mega menu with badges and this gives the clear call to action to the website visitors and results in the higher conversion rate. With the Super Mega Menu builder it is easy to add row and column based menu and also possible to drag and drop the modules to the menu position.

Media Manager

The redefined Media manager in this joomla theme helps to manage the media in the websites such as images, photographs, testimonial videos, and product description videos in a simple and better way. The Media plays an important role in the customer conversion preposition.

Responsive Design

Responsiveness of a website will have a huge impact on the business. The Helix framework consists of the Bootstrap4 which gives the fastest mobile responsiveness to this joomla template.

Font & Colour Option

The template basically comes with the 8 colour option as default and also other desired colours can be added as per the need of the customer. This joomla template comes with various built-in header options and also you can create your own headers.

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