Shoeland - Footwear J2Store eCommerce Joomla Theme


Shoeland is a premium Niche Joomla theme build for Footwear businesses and Industries. This template is very attractive because it is developed using the Industry’s Best tools like SP page builder and Helix framework. The best-in-class eCommerce tool has been integrated with our Joomla template as the Online consumption of products has been increased more than ever. Every page and section of this Joomla theme is highly customizable to the needs of the business. Shoeland gives you a strong foot in the online business.

J2Store – Ecommerce Integration

Setting up an online store becomes more simple with the Shoeland template. All the necessary functionalities for e-Commerce such as Product comparison, Order & Checkout page, Invoice Generation, and Stock maintenance can be enabled within a few clicks. This business can be scaled to the desired end.

SP Page Builder ($39 Saved)

SP Page builder enabled in this Joomla template, a Front end website editing tool. With SP Page builder the sections of the components can be added, deleted, and edited with a simple Drag & Drop. A person with minimum technical knowledge can also perform editing and customization of the website at any device without any extra effort.

Helix Framework

The front end based editing tool is used in the construction of this template. This allows seeing the changes in the live view when it has been made. All the editing and modification process is very simple in this template as the Helix framework is a drag and drop editing system and everything can be done with a click.


Shoeland template can fit itself to all the devices regardless of its size as it is made with the highly device adaptive Bootstrap framework. This feature highly helps the usability and navigation to the visitors and consumers.

Joomla Blog

Native Joomla Article blog system is used in this template and there are multiple options to post different types of blogs such as standard, Image, and Video on the website. This highly helps in content utilization and SEO operations.


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