Ecommerce - Positive Impacts on a Business

The ease of access to the internet has transformed every sector in business. Selling or purchasing a product or a service is simply termed as eCommerce. The demand for businesses to have a digitally powered eCommerce store becomes tremendous as nearly 60% of the consumers prefer to buy things online. With the technology used perfectly, SMEs and independent traders can also compete with eCommerce giants with their eCommerce store.

Enabling eCommerce to an existing business or a new business has advantages in many aspects. With eCommerce support, customers can buy any product or service at any time, at any day and any place. Digital medium helps the business across boundaries within minutes. Multiple key factors might convince you to take your business online.

Less Capital & Operational Cost

Compared to expanding the business physically across different locations, creating an eCommerce and expanding it in a digital medium requires less capital cost. Today, a person with a minimal technical background can create an online store with the help of predefined website templates. The operation cost is very less compared to that of a physical store’s operational cost.

Business Across Boundaries

Expanding a business in a different province or a country might need a lot of investments and legal regulatory certificates. Through the digital medium, only the knowledge about the shipment partner, the tax details are required for the functionality. Adding a new list of products or services is also very simple in an eCommerce store. Hence when it comes to the scalability factor, eCommerce has the edge.

Increased Brand Awareness

A considerable amount in the customer segment before they make a purchase, inquire about the product online. If a business has a website and an online eCommerce store, there is more possibility that a customer might land on the business's website. This might lead to a sale. Even if the sale did not happen, Businesses will have an opportunity to track visitor’s activity on their website and this will help to retarget the visitor and convert them into customers with customized offers.

Reduced Operational & Marketing Costs

The predefined eCommerce website templates have a complete automation setup for Billing, Checkout, and Payment gateway. This could help businesses to operate with less number of employees. Almost all templates have inventory management modules for higher accountability. In the digital medium, marketing can be carried out in either organic or paid methodology. In the Paid module businesses have to pay per click on their advertisements. The cost to return ratio in marketing is higher in the online store.

Increased Customer Engagement

Many advanced eCommerce Extensions available for joomla CMS. Customers with a facility to share their rating and a product review about the product that was recently bought in the online store. This highly enhances the customer’s interaction with the website. By knowing the pleasant experience of a previous customer, new customers will have confidence over the brand and they possibly make a purchase. A website with good customer engagement is highly likely to be top of the search result as they have to show the best relevant online stores to the search.

The sought after premium website template providers like Joomlabuff and other Template providers have a variety of options for each industry such as gardening & Agriculture, Construction & Industries, Food chain & Restaurants and Fashion Industry with preloaded eCommerce setup. Surf through the templates and with the best, create your eCommerce store!

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