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10 Best Joomla shopping cart and eCommerce extensions

Online shopping is a prior choice of common people so businessmen would like to run flexible online shopping cart sites. Joomla based sites could be the right one because it gives proper results to the users. However, they need support from Joomla extensions to make the eCommerce sites very effective. Nowadays, we can see the number of eCommerce extensions online so not necessary to feel worried about the selection of best Joomla extensions. Here we are going to see some very best Joomla eCommerce and shopping cart extensions.


VirtueMart joomlabuff

We always want to choose a standard extension to run our site without any issues so we may go for VirtueMart. It’s one of the excellent Joomla extensions because it’s open source and no need to spend money on it. This extension is pretty simple to customize but it takes some time to collaborate on new technologies. It contains a good interface and quality architecture so better performance will be guaranteed. It gives SEO support and even payment option is also good with VirtueMart. Overhaul VirtueMart could be the best choice of any eCommerce site developers.




j2store joomlabuff

J2Store is a free extension and even it does not require any difficult registration process. Nowadays, developers like to use this extension because it offers many features rather than many premium extensions. Some of the key features of J2Store extension are responsive design, modern pricing option, multilingual, product list layer, robust combination or variant generator, custom order status and order statistics in the dashboard.




eshop joomlabuff

Eshop is another quality Joomla shopping cart extension and it is also free to use. It has developed based on high-intensity Joomla MVC structure. It’s user-friendly so need to learn anything new to work on it. We can easily install it and even add products without any bit of hassle. Eshop Joomla extension is pretty responsive and robust. Here, payment methods are also simple so users can target this extension with belief.




hikashop joomlabuff

HikaShop is also an extension of the Joomla shopping cart and it brings some useful benefits to users. If we want to develop an eCommerce site with HikaShop, then we must have the knowledge of HTML and CSS for the betterment of results. Obviously, HikaShop is suitable for international sales so developers love to choose this extension.  It also gives multilingual support and payment gateways.




JoomShopping joomlabuff

JoomShopping extension is very popular because of its highly professional to use. It gives numerous functions that are helpful for increasing online sales rapidly. Additionally, this extension is free and offers many exclusive features. It supports multiple payment methods automatically and even it allows users to add any new payment methods. It simply manages many categories and products. It’s also multilingual and it offers tax management and delivery management.



#6.Phoca Cart

Phoca Cart joomlabuff min

Phoca Cart is an exclusive eCommerce extension and this is highly suitable for Joomla and it is developed by the modern responsive bootstrap library. There are plenty of features available in the Phoca Cart extension so users can use this for the betterment of e-commerce sites. The common features of this extension are responsive architecture, unlimited products, comparison list, auto image resize, coupons, cart discounts, multiple tax rates, payment methods, and others.




digicom joomlabuff

DigiCom is a great digital download selling extension and it’s available for free of cost. This extension helps users to get some valuable features like bundle selling, single selling, robust reporting, amazing extensible and others. DigiCom helps the user to simply sell some products like themes, music, art, books and other online products. It offers a one-click installation so users no need to follow a difficult protocol to customize this extension. It has a huge add-ons library so users can simply customize new pages. Users may run an online shopping cart by using this extension because it includes all the required tools. It allows users to showcase their products with attractive effects. Users can buy it at free of cost with the installation guide.




Sellacious joomlabuff

The Sellacious is a Joomla extension and it’s totally free and it will be a great choice for growing online sales. This extension is very simple to install and obviously an effective user interface. The Sellacious extension has a multi layer vendor store and it offers benefits like enterprise level management for vendors and staff. Now Sellacious extension team is spending time on EasySocial Integration.



#9.Instant Pro Shop

Instant Pro Shop joomlabuff

Instant PayPal Pro Shop is a valuable Joomla extension and it allows normal brochure websites into effective eCommerce websites. The users can sell products through PayPal without any difficulties. It’s a better extension for Joomla based sites but users have to spend money on it to use.




Quick2Cart joomlabuff

Quick2Cart is a simple and flexible Joomla extension and it simply offers multi-vendor, multi-store and other effective social integrations. It can be effective for big size eCommerce sites. This extension has a special option of native product manager and it allows a user to integrate with some CCK’s such as K2, Zoo, and Joomla contents.


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