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10 Best Joomla Form Builder Extensions that You Should Know

A well-crafted Joomla site comes with various features like responsiveness, extensions, and other plug-ins. The basic Joomla core has some limitations to access contact components so you should find a well effective form builder extension to liberally create a contact form. A quality Joomla site should have strong contact forms to improve communication between you and your clients. There are many top ranks Joomla form builder extensions available in the market so you may pick up the right one for making quality sites.

JSN Uniform

jsn uniform joomla min

JSN Uniform is a flexible Joomla form builder which is a nice option to create any kind of form in Joomla site. You no need any sound technical skill or coding skill to use this Joomla form builder. It saves your valuable time completing tasks very quickly. The JSN Uniform comes with some advanced features such as

  • Rich form builder
  • Flexible positioning
  • Mail chimp support
  • Form preview option
  • Anti-spam mechanism
  • Form responsiveness


rsform joomla min

RSForm is a wonderful form builder extension which helps you to make contact forms within a few clicks. It’s not a free extension but it gives a lot of important features to every user. It never makes you disappoint because it has some exceptional features such as

  • Multiple layouts and multilingual support
  • Frontend submission editing
  • Multiple spam prevention options
  • Built-in field calculation configuration
  • It has some third-party integrations such as mail chimp, sales force, and constant contact
  • Functionality preview

Shack Forms

shack forms joomla min

Shack forms Joomla extension is one of the simple form builder extensions. It lets you make a different kind of forms such as contact form, ticket forms, and booking forms. This extension is a smart choice to add forms to Joomla sites. Shack forms extension comes with some handy features.

  • It shows forms as lightbox pop-up
  • It lets you add forms into articles too
  • You can quickly add fields into the forms
  • It allows you to customize color, backgrounds, styles and other visual effects
  • It lets common visitors upload all kinds of files
  • It integrates with some important mailing services

Convert Forms

convert forms joomla min

Convert forms Joomla extension is a powerful tool that acts like a very good marketing automation extension too. It simply integrates with some exceptional campaign services like mail chimp, Gets Response, other Active Campaign. In a free version of convert forms extension, users can’t access many features so you may use the pro version of convert forms extension. It has some unavoidable features.

  • It lets you make well-optimized forms
  • It offers many useful form fields such as textbox, number, email address, submit button, password, and others
  • It also contains inbuilt form templates
  • It provides email notifications
  • Spam protection and Google Analytics Tracking features also included
  • Mobile-friendly forms

Breezing Forms

breezing forms joomla min

Breezing Forms is an innovative Joomla extension that is available for free. Breezing forms extension will fit for creating all kinds of forms so now developers would like to install it. You may also choose a pro version of it to get some additional features.

  • It has more than 17 form fields
  • It provides Joomla tag support
  • It has some powerful conditional fields
  • Well supported email system
  • Many beautiful themes included
  • Users editable forms
  • Database storage
  • It has some pre-defined form validation, and form actions.

Form Maker

form maker joomla min

Form maker is a well versed Joomla form builder extension that is fully responsive. You no need to learn any coding skill to execute this exceptional form builder because it’s simple to make forms with form maker extension. It gives some fantastic features to the users. It saves time by its drag and drops component.

  • It provides cross-browser compatibility support
  • It shows the responsive form interface
  • Spam prevention
  • It contains survey tools, page break, select box, file upload, section break and maps
  • It’s fully integrated with amazing Joomla editor
  • Custom javascript support is also available

Xpert Contact

expert form joomla min

Xpert contact is a pretty good contact form creator that comes with the functionality of faster loading. Don’t need any technical knowledge to add forms and fields so you can handle it without any troubles. It lets you make many forms for many pages of the website. Xpert contact Joomla extension is free to use.

  • It’s fully responsive
  • Spam protection
  • Endless fields can be added
  • It contains Ajax based submission and validation

Aikon Easy Form Builder

aikon forms joomla min

Everyone is looking for multipurpose extensions to get benefits without any delay. Aikon easy form builder is a supreme extension to make various forms like application form, customer survey and contact form. You can get professional forms within a few minutes by the certain help of Aikon easy form builder. It contains some features such as

  • Auto responsive
  • Full design control
  • Saves all submissions
  • Sectional forms
  • File attachments and upload
  • Inbuilt anti-spam technology


vis forms joomla min

VisForms Joomla extension is one of the great contact form extensions. It does not have any drag and drop builder so it handles everything traditionally. It comes with both free and pro versions so you can buy an extension to get some exceptional benefits.

  • It has a wonderful security option
  • It comes with responsive form layouts
  • It supports all kind of form fields
  • It contains flexible field validation
  • It stores submission details


chrono forms joomla min

ChronoForms Joomla extension is a nice option to create forms so today people love to use it. It’s free to download. It has a very big list of features so you can enjoy the features without any hesitation.

  • It contains easy drag and drop option
  • It provides client and server data validation
  • It’s fully secured and it also contains spam protection tools
  • It stores form information into Google sheet or database
  • It lets you create Joomla registration forms, user login forms, and other article submission forms
  • Joomla form builder extensions are giving wonderful support to all the Joomla site owners. You can pick any one of them to make beautiful forms.

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