Importance of a Website to a Business

Nowadays, we all live in a digital world rather than in the real world. A study says an average person spends approximately 24 hours a week and one in five adults spend nearly 40 hours per week on the web. This opens an opportunity for every business to take their product and services to the living room of an individual. To harness this opportunity it has become necessary for every business to own a website. 

A website is simply a virtual shop or marketplace where the sale takes place in the digital world. It is a fact that a website and this digital world is completely new to many businesses. Any business that does not adapt to the change might have a lesser possibility to excel.  The advantage of having a website is that a business goal can be achieved 24/7 for an entire year. 

A recent survey says nearly 30% of the consumers don't believe a business without a website. Today’s consumer spends around 5 hours a day in a digital medium and websites have become the entity they rely their trust on.  Consumers are searching for products and services on the internet. There are around 3.5 billion searches happening in Google alone. If your business has a website it is most likely you will be benefited from the search. 

Customer support is vital for any business to stand out from their competitors. It is the key to creating a loyal customer base. A study reveals more than 60% of today’s consumer segment approaches websites as their first medium for communication with any business. Website is not only meant for retail businesses. B2B type and Industries can also have the opportunity to grow their business multifold in the online platform with the help of a website. 

Today’s consumers seek information more than ever. Hence websites act as a tool for showcasing your products & services you offer, your specializations, the successful completion of previous projects and customer testimonials and Many more. If your website has the information needed for the consumers, you have the advantage of getting more orders and inquiries online. 

The reach of social media is the exponent. An adult has a minimum one social media handle and that can be increased as per the convenience.  It is advisable for a business to maintain a separate page or account in social media. This can be a good start on the digital journey. But social media is highly helpful in communication. Once the fan base for business has reached an optimum number in social media, it is advisable to start a website to convert the audience into customers.

Websites for a business can be created and made live within minutes these days by the advancement of technologies like Joomla, WordPress! Etc., these are termed as Content Management (CMS) tools designed to make the work simple. Website template providers such as Joomlabuff and Themepalette provide premium as well as free Joomla templates for all types of businesses. These templates provide all the functionalities for a business as they have been created after detailed market research. Hence websites can be created in the time span of having a coffee at a cafe. Let’s start your online journey!

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