How to enable two-step Authentication security in Joomla!

The growth of the Digital medium has been increasing tremendously in the last 5 years. Everyone is depending more on their mobile devices or laptops. People started using e-commerce applications to bank applications in their digital devices. A study says the digital usage will be nearly double in the post COVID period. At the same time, many hackers across the globe made several attempts to steal the data of digital users and make use of their financial and information resources. 

The cybercrime count is never going to stop and this is affecting different user groups such as individuals, startups, small organizations, Big companies and even Governments sometimes. It is estimated that over 16 Billion dollars have been taken from the US consumers and the number is still increasing. This data pushes us to increase our digital security furthermore to withstand advanced cyber-attacks.

Two-factor authentication or Two-step authentication is an additional level of security has been introduced in which the user has to prove as themselves even after entering the valid username and password credentials. It can be done by adding a security question, biometric identification or through random temporary passwords valid for a limited time (OTP).

Joomla! Nearly powers 3 Million websites including High Profile Government organizations. Two Step Authentication is enabled in the Joomla! CMS to ensure proper security setup to prevent itself from cyber-attacks. Enabling a two-step authentication in a Joomla! Site is very simple and easy if you follow the instructions given in this article. 

Step by step instruction to enable two-step authentication in Joomla!

 1.Eneble Two Factor Authentication plugin

  • Login to your Joomla! Admin dashboard.
  • Go to Extensions -> Plugins -> Find the Two Factor Authentication - Google Authenticator Plugin
  • Eneble the plugin. (Refer Below image)

Joomla two factor authentication plugin

2. User Settings

  • From the menu in the top, Go to Users
  • In Users Select User Manager.

In this page, you will see the list of users in your website with their user group, email, and username details. 

Joomla two factor authentication user

  • Click on your profile to enable two-step authentication.

Next, is the Edit Profile Window. 

  • Navigate to Two-factor Authentication tab
  • Select Google Authenticator from the Authentication method dropdown and click on the Save button.

Joomla two factor authentication tab

In the next setup page there will be account information, Newly generated security Key to be added on Google authenticator application, and a QR code, which you have to scan through Google Authenticator application.

Joomla two factor authentication user settings

  • Download the Google authenticator app by clicking here.
  • Install the Google Authenticator app on your device and you will find two ways to add your website to your Google authenticator App. One is through scanning the QR code and the other is by entering the key generated. 

Once the site has been added successfully, a code will get generated in the Google authenticator app. 

  • Enter the code in the Security code field in the setup page (Refer the above image).
  • Click in the Save button.

Joomla two factor authentication key

You have successfully enabled the two-step authentication security system in your Joomla! Site. Raise your hand for any help, our experts with enriched Joomla! The experience will guide you for better solutions. 


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