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E-learner is a new age Joomla! Solution for an online learning platform. Sleek design, neat structure, are the wow factors of this template. Online learning has become the mode of education since the global pandemic. To add, the importance of online learning will remain the same even in the new normal condition. Institutions like Schools, Colleges, and freelancers can start their online learning website with complete comfort.
E-learner is a value-packed Joomla! Template with amazing features such as LMS with J2Store integration, SP Page builder, 2 Home variations, Flexibility etc. You can customize this Joomla! Template easily with a drag and drop live editing system. Create your dream online learning website in a pleasant with the incredible features of E-learner.

JooMonk LMS

E-Learner is the first Joomla! Template to adapt JooMonk. JooMonk LMS is a powerful Joomla! Extension for LMS (Learning Management System) with features like adding unlimited courses, categories, sections, and lessons. JooMonk LMS has integrated J2Store to take care of course checkout, payment, discounts, Seat management for particular courses etc. It takes care of your selling part.

SP Page Builder

Customization of this Joomla! The template is as easy as pie. SP Page Builder, a drag and drop editing system that can be used by anyone. It does not require core technical knowledge. You can see the changes that you are making to your website in a live manner with this page builder.

Power of Helix Ultimate Framework

E-Learner developed using the Helix ultimate framework. This framework is the fastest template framework with high user-friendliness. This frame is SEO-optimized to help your website rank better in the search results. E-Learner is highly responsive and it is accessible through any devices without any lag in performance.

Translation Ready

E-Learner is translation ready Joomla! Template. Using this feature, you can easily create your website in multiple languages. Having a multilingual website will have a positive impact on your business.

Rich in Detail

E-Learner created after a dedicated R&D session. As a result, all the pages from the homepage to the contact page have essential demo details. We have done this to reduce your work and time to set up the website. The detailed details help this online learning Joomla! Template be more professional.

Quick Start installation

E-learner comes with a Quick Start demo package consists of Core Joomla! Files, demo content, database set etc. Customize the contents in the demo package to your requirements and launch your website without any delay.

FurnHub Lite is a Free Joomla Ecommerce Template for furniture and house appliance businesses. This Joomla Template follows a minimalist design concept. All the components of this template are neatly placed to give a better user experience. Amazing features such as an online store, Easy customization using page builder, Theme options along with quick-start installation make this template a rock star in the market.

This free Joomla Template is a multipage version and has all the essential pages prebuilt for easy setup of your dream website. All the components of this template from the mega menu to the footer are 100% customizable to your requirements. FurnHub lite is also the best suitable for Electronics, kitchen appliances, Home decors, Carpentry, and small home appliances business.

Ecommerce Ready

FurnHub has a dedicated page for eCommerce and has a complete setup including a product detail page, product description page, one-page checkout process that are powered by the most preferred J2Store. Yes, you can launch your online store within minutes.

SP Page Builder

Customization of this Joomla template is easier with the drag and drop system based SP Page Builder to create, edit, and modify the components and contents of the website in the Frontend level. A non-technical person can customize the website up to their creativity without hassle.

Helix Ultimate Framework

A powerful Helix framework is used to build this free Joomla! Which is the best template development framework. Eye-catch UX, Responsive design layout, Advanced Media Manager, new style options made possible in the free template by Helix framework.

Joomla Blog

A separate setup is included in the FurnHub through Joomla! Article to support the blog mechanism. A blog is one of the powerful ways to build strong brand awareness and establish a relationship between the business and its consumers.

Everything For Free

All the wonderful features along with components such as J2Store lite, SP Page builder, Helix Framework, included in the overall package and available all the time for free of cost. We give this marvelous template free to fulfill our mission to give back to our society.

Documentation & Updates

FurnHub will receive all the major technological upgrades and has clear documentation that comes with the package to help you in each step. A Quickstart installation package is included in the package to launch your dream website within minutes.

Dynamic is a premium Multi-Purpose business Joomla Template with fascinating features and preloaded functionalities. These features and functionalities help your website to stand top of the competitors. This Joomla Template is one hundred percent customizable and has all the necessary pages from The About us to Contact Us. The scalability of a website is an easy solution with this template as it allows you to add an unlimited number of pages at your convenience.

Helix Ultimate Framework

Helix framework is used in this dynamic Joomla Template, and as a result attractive UX, Advanced Media manager, Page builder support, Responsive design layout has been achieved.

SP Page Builder

SP Page Builder is the front-end based website editing tool to create, edit, and modify the components and contents. Using this tool, anyone can customize his or her website even without prior knowledge. We have designed all 50+ page builder add-ons to give you better experience

TZ Portfolio Plus

TZ Portfolio Plus is included in this Joomla! Template, Which is the leading Joomla portfolio extension. This is one of the most preferred portfolio extension in Joomla. There are multiple layout styles available in this extension for better showcasing your products and services.

RTL Support

Dynamic is complete RTL (Right to Left Language) supported Joomla Template to help your website to be accessible to visitors have all linguistic background. We spent a huge amount of time tweaking every tiny detail of the template to make it look absolutely awesome in RTL mode

Ecommerce enabled using J2Store

The eCommerce functionality in Dynamic Joomla Template is Powered by J2Store Ecommerce. You can create your own online store within minutes using this shopping cart extension. Multiple product display options, Inventory Management, One-page checkout, Payment gateway support, and Store management made simple with this template. You can sell your products and services across different locations of the world using the inbuilt eCommerce functionality in our Joomla Template.

Flexible Layout

Wide Layout – Using this layout, the website will occupy the entire screen size to give an immersive view to the visitors.

Boxed Layout – Which gives website a centred view to the visitors. also Provided the option to apply background patterns or images

Color Presets

Dynamic has 8 trending base color options and it allows you to add a new Preset color while customization


We have Provided an Awesome Documentation for a dynamic theme. also, we have build video tutorials for our valuable customers to make the customization part easier

Growth is one of the best free Business and consulting Joomla templates designed exclusively for Corporate Finance and Tax planning businesses, Business consulting firms, Wealth Management companies, Marketing and Sales partners, and Auditing companies. It’s neat and simple design makes this template the best choice among others in the market.

This free Joomla template Is a multi-page Joomla version with unlimited page options, Predefined functionalities, and is highly customizable to satisfy the Business Needs. This free Joomla theme is built using the best set of technologies like TZ Portfolio, Sp Page Builder, and Helix Ultimate Framework.

TZ Portfolio Plus

TZ Portfolio plus is the leading Joomla portfolio extension in the world. This Portfolio extension is the most preferred portfolio extension in the Joomla extension directory. This extension comes with Multiple layout styles to showcase the products and services in a most attractive way to the visitors. TZ Portfolio plus also provided various add-on to the template for specific functionalities on a separate package.

Helix Ultimate Framework

This free Joomla template is built using the Helix Framework, the best template development framework. Helix framework has attractive UX, Responsive design layout, Advanced Media Manager, new style options and supports Page Builder.

SP Page Builder Lite

SP Page Builder is the drag and drop tool to create, edit and modify the website components and contents in the Frontend level. This helps the non-coders to customize the website up to their creativity.


Growth Joomla template is built with the latest version of Bootstrap, hence the website will automatically fit itself to all the devices of any screen size.

Regular Updates

Growth Joomla template is promised to get all the major technological updates to help the customers to stay always on the top. This Free Joomla template also has considerable support.

Everything For Free

Growth along with its amazing components SP Page builder, Helix Framework, TZ Portfolio plus can be downloaded anytime without paying a single penny. This will be beneficial to our customers and Providing more value to our customers is our core principle.

The biggest strength of Joomlabuff is the after-sales support that we have been giving to our customers from the day we started. As we and our customers grow it is very much important for us to provide uninterrupted support. We wanted to be more transparent than ever. With all this in mind, we have adapted an advanced and agile support system with amazing features and functionalities.

One of the greatest gifts a person can give another is Support when needed

— KushandWizdom

We will not be operating any support operations in the previous tool anymore. All our support operations will be taken with utmost care under a new support forum only.
Here is the link for our completely new support system

Our new support system is super transparent. Customers can view the live status of the tickets created by them and also by others. All the queries have been answered to date without leaving any because We always put our customers first. Our enhanced support system triggers a personal notification whenever a support ticket has been created. as well as responded by our Support Team. This helps us to take immediate action and deliver solutions to you at the earliest.

We really hope you will not face any difficulty in our new system and are everlastingly grateful for your support to us in this hard time and the past years.

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Shoeland is a premium Niche Joomla theme build for Footwear businesses and Industries. This template is very attractive because it is developed using the Industry’s Best tools like SP page builder and Helix framework. The best-in-class eCommerce tool has been integrated with our Joomla template as the Online consumption of products has been increased more than ever. Every page and section of this Joomla theme is highly customizable to the needs of the business. Shoeland gives you a strong foot in the online business.

J2Store – Ecommerce Integration

Setting up an online store becomes more simple with the Shoeland template. All the necessary functionalities for e-Commerce such as Product comparison, Order & Checkout page, Invoice Generation, and Stock maintenance can be enabled within a few clicks. This business can be scaled to the desired end.

SP Page Builder ($39 Saved)

SP Page builder enabled in this Joomla template, a Front end website editing tool. With SP Page builder the sections of the components can be added, deleted, and edited with a simple Drag & Drop. A person with minimum technical knowledge can also perform editing and customization of the website at any device without any extra effort.

Helix Framework

The front end based editing tool is used in the construction of this template. This allows seeing the changes in the live view when it has been made. All the editing and modification process is very simple in this template as the Helix framework is a drag and drop editing system and everything can be done with a click.


Shoeland template can fit itself to all the devices regardless of its size as it is made with the highly device adaptive Bootstrap framework. This feature highly helps the usability and navigation to the visitors and consumers.

Joomla Blog

Native Joomla Article blog system is used in this template and there are multiple options to post different types of blogs such as standard, Image, and Video on the website. This highly helps in content utilization and SEO operations.


FastBurner is a premium and niche Joomla template designed for businesses that highly concentrate on a single category or a product itself. This is well suitable corporates, SMEs, and Retail business models as well. The entire design style is aimed to endorse a single product sector as the sections of the website have been structured to describe the superiority of the product.

J2Store Ecommerce Integration

This Joomla template is enabled with eCommerce functionality powered by J2Store. All the top-notch eCommerce functionalities such as product wishlist, Advanced filter option and product comparison tool can be included. The Email Subscription pop-up option is one of the best options to boost sales and promotion activity can also be included in FastBurner at ease. all the pages of the eCommerce store have been highly customizable to provide a complete Brand experience through the entire journey of customers.

Fastest Ecommerce Joomla Template

fastburner gtmetrix score

The template pages are Optimized for speed & performance by GTmetrix analyzes. That is mean that your website will be rendered as fast as possible.

Build with SP Pagebuilder

FastBurner is made with Helix framework and Sp page builder pro that helps the users to edit this Joomla template in the Front-end just by drag and drop method. Businesses that look for Single product website catalog and single product online store can consider FastBurner as their choice as this Joomla website template is the combination of cutting edge web technologies. With FastBurner, become a Monopoly Business in your unique product sector.

Quickstart Installation

Quickstart installation package consists of Core Joomla files, Database data, and template modules is included in the purchase which helps to launch your website within minutes.

Responsive Design

FastBurener is highly responsive in all the devices and browsers as this Nutrition Joomla template is made with the latest Bootstrap version. This feature helps your website to be accessible at any place and time.

Powerful Theme Options

This Joomla template is powered by Helix Framework which is one of the most efficient and powerful theme frameworks. This framework also provides the most flexible layout system. you can easily build your own layouts with the help of simple drag and drop layout builder.

Blog System

The Blog section of our Fastburner Joomla theme has multiple blog post types such as Standard, Gallery, Audio and Video. You are free to create any type of blog post to interact with your customers.


Our technical team has provided a set of videos and step by step procedures to customize FastBurner templates to create an outstanding website for your growth and business. You can access our online documentation here


The restaurant is one of the most valued Joomla templates for Restaurants and Food chains. Food has become the most valued product in recent times more than ever. This Joomla template will make the business stand top from the high competition. Every single component has been added to this restaurant theme after deep market research.

Restaurant template has an option to enable customers to reserve online at their utmost convenience within seconds with the help of a J2Store Event Booking extension. This feature could attract today’s millennial customers.

This is a Multipage version Joomla template that provides different Menu sections such as Homepage, Food Menu, Reservation section, Event section, Blog options, and many more. With all the sections used combinedly, Customers will get to know the Business neat and clear.

Restaurant Joomla template is highly suitable for Businesses like Multi-Cuisine Restaurants, Large and Small Food Chains, Restaurants in Star rated Residencies, Themed Restaurants, Street Food Startups, and Snack Corners.

J2Store Booking System

Restaurant Template comes with the events booking system, Nowadays Most of the restaurants organize Foodfest and music events. those who all are planning to organize events in their restaurant no need to partnership with 3rd party companies for the registration process. You can run your own event booking system with the help of J2Store Booking App.

SP Page Builder

This is SP Page builder enabled Joomla template which is a Front end website editing tool. With SP Page builder the sections of the components can be added, deleted and edited with a simple Drag & Drop. The website can be customized through any device using the SP page builder. This feature highly helps the Business owners to customize the website within minutes without deep knowledge in the core technical side.

Design Responsiveness

The restaurant is made with the support of Bootstrap that allows the website to restructure itself to the size of the screen based on any device it has been accessed. This increased the usability of the site.

Blog for SEO

The Blog section of the Restaurant template is supported by Native Joomla Article which is a standard blog designed for better SEO.


Our technical team has provided a set of videos and step by step procedures to customize our Gardener to create an effective website for your growth and business. you can access the documentation here

Screwer is the best Joomla Template specifically made for some sectors like industry, Factories, Construction, Engineering, Machinery Business, Commodity Business, Power, Rail Business, Airplane, Ship Business, Oil & Gas Business, Petroleum websites. Not only for big sectors you can also use Screwer for your startup.

You also have drag & drop SP Page builder Pro which you can use to create and rearrange content easily. Also you can quickly recreate a website similar to our demo site in minutes using our Quickstart Package. You can create stunning slides with different animation effects easily with Revolution Slider.

Features Overview

  • Page builder included ($39 saved)

    Drag & Drop Layout Builder and Page Builder Pro Integration (Save $39). Screwer is coming with a fantastic page builder very easy to use and to edit. Only with drag and drop, you can create complex layouts. With lightning-fast SP Page Builder you can easily customize your website just in few clicks. Fastest and the most powerful drag & drop builder available.
  • Slider Revolution included ($25 saved)

    This is an amazing slider for Joomla where you can develop layer animations easily. We have included this beautiful slider in our Screwer package for you
  • Quickstart installation demo package

    Screwer is included with Quick-Start Demo that includes the core Joomla files as a standard Joomla install would, but also includes the template, modules and database data needed to match the our Live demo.
  • Responsive Layout Design

    Responsive feature matters nowadays. Screwer is compatible with all kind of mobiles and PCs both in landscape & portrait modes.
  • Powerful theme options

    Screwer is based Helix Ultimate Framework. You can play around in back-end easily with this amazing option. like Preset Colors, Megamenu and Off-canvas, Real Time Theme Customization and Flexible layout system
  • Detailed documentation

    We provide you clean & extensive documentation and also video guides on Screwer template customization. You can Find the Online Documentation here
  • Crossbrowser compatibility

    Screwer is compatible & works utterly with all browsers including IE9+
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support System

    JoomlaBuff is integrated with Freshdesk, a leading CRM tool. Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist on all your concerns and queries on any the issue, we will do our best on providing you the best experience.


Life Guide – Joomla Template can be used as a personal life coach website as well as for any other purpose. Feel free to create your own website with this finished template. My Life Guide Joomla template is made for personal life coaching, life coaches, personal coaches, mentoring services website or counseling company. This template is ideal for trainers, coaches, and those who need an easy, attractive and effective way to share their work with clients.

This template comes with necessary features for your online presence like portfolio, blog, testimonial, and personal profile page, etc. Life Guide can be a great choice for your online presence.

Page builder included ($39 saved)

Drag & Drop Layout Builder and Page Builder Pro Integration (Save $39). Life Guide builds with fantastic page builder, very easy to use and edit. Only with drag and drop, you can create complex layouts. With lightning-fast SP Page Builder you can easily customize your website just in few clicks. Fastest and most powerful drag & drop builder available.

Layer Slider included ($24 saved)

LayerSlider is a premium multi-purpose slider for creating image gallery sliders, content sliders, and mind-blowing slideshow with must-see effects.

Quickstart installation demo package

Life Guide is included with Quick-Start Demo that includes the core Joomla files as a standard Joomla install would, but also includes the template, modules and database data needed to match our Live demo

Support Ecommerce

Life Guide comes with J2Store integration, an exclusive shopping cart extension for Joomla which has a lot of features that help to build your online store easily.

Awesome Blog Pages

We have designed Default Joomla articles into blog layouts, you can use Joomla articles as a News/ Magazine style layout.

Detailed documentation

We provide you clean & extensive documentation and also some video guides on Life Guide template customization.


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