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Fastburner - Single Product eCommerce Joomla Template


In order to run Fastburner smoothly on your server, you need to fulfill this requirements listed below :

  • Joomla: 3.8+
  • PHP 7.0.x (minimum), PHP 7.1 or PHP 7.2 or PHP 7.3 (64 bit version, recommended)
  • MySQLi 5.5+


Head over to My download page and you can find the template file under the templates - > Premium templates. Find the file which you wish to download.


You can Install Fastburner theme by using following 2 ways:

  • Install with quickstart. (Recommended)
  • Install this theme normally after you already have Joomla installed and ready to go.

1.Installation of Quick start Package:

What is QuickStart

Quickstart package is a full website package that includes: templates, extensions, database, images ... and once you install the quickstart successfully, you will have a complete website that is exactly same as our Demo.

Extract the quickstart zip package in your website root. This is either public_html or www in the hosted servers.

If you have installed XAMPP or MAMP or WAMP, you will have to extract this into the httpdocs folder

After the extraction, point your browser to url of the public root or the folder where you extracted. Example: Let us say, you have created a folder called Fastburner under the public_html folder (called your web root) . Then you extracted the zip inisde the Fastburner folder.

In that case, your site url would be: Or if you installed in the localhost, then your url will be: http://localhost/Fastburner

This will bring up an Installation wizard.

The QuickStart package cannot be installed through the Joomla Extension Manager.

2. Stand alone template installation:

If you already have an existing Joomla site and want to apply Fastburner template, you have to install the following packages listed below:

  • Fastburner Template
  • And few other extensions you will find under Folder.

Extensions (Components, Modules, & Plugins)

In Fastburner we have used following extensions which are included inside the downloaded package

  • SP Pagebuilder Pro
  • J2Store Ecommerce
  • J2Store Wishlist Plugin
  • J2store Social Share Plugin

Layout - Module Positions

The following screenshot highlights the main layout module positions that we used in the Fastburner template. By using Layout Builder in Helix Ultimate, you're able to move positions or even change their sizes in the grid based on Bootstrap 4. Our in-built layout builder from template settings provides you the opportunity to add new positions, columns, and rows wherever you need and to move the elements as much as you want. More information & tips inside Helix Ultimate Manual.

SP Pagebuilder

By using Sp Page builder you can easily create any type of sections in your website. we have used SP Pagebuilder in our Fastburner template. best thing in sp page builder is we can edit content in front end as well. this will help you to finish the customization work faster

More information & tips inside Sp page builder documentation here

J2Store Ecommerce Integration

Fastburner comes with J2Store Ecommerce support, we have used most popular joomla ecommerce extension namely J2store, more then 310,000+ customers trust J2store, J2Store is a powerful, flexible shopping cart and ecommerce solution for Joomla. Create an online store in less than 10 minutes. Sell anything, anywhere. this is the main reason we used j2store in our Fastburner joomla Template. if you want to learn more about J2store refer the documendation provided by j2store .

If you are lazy person like me you can refer the video tutorials here

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