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  3. Sunday, 25 October 2020
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I'm using RepairPlus tempate and I'm having a contactform that's made with JBEasyFormmaker.
I added the Captcha - Recaptcha in the settings (also entered keys) and enabled it on the form.

The captcha displays on the form, but I'm always able to submit without solving the captcha.
What do I miss?

My form:
{textjbeasyformmaker} |type="text" | placeholder="Uw naam" | name="name" | tagname="name" | required="on" {/jbeasyformmaker}
{emailjbeasyformmaker} |type="email" | name="enter_email" | tagname="enter_email" | placeholder="Uw E-mailadres" | required="on" {/jbeasyformmaker}
{textjbeasyformmaker} |type="text" | name="phone" | tagname="phone" | placeholder="Telefoon" {/jbeasyformmaker}
{textjbeasyformmaker} |type="text" | placeholder="Onderwerp" | required="on" {/jbeasyformmaker}
{textareajbeasyformmaker} |type="textarea" | name="message" | tagname="message" | placeholder="Uw bericht ..." {/jbeasyformmaker}
{submitjbeasyformmaker} |type="submit" | class="sppb-btn-sent2" | value="Verstuur" | value="Nu sturen" {/jbeasyformmaker}
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Thank you for contacting us.

Extension JBEasyFormmaker is old and outdated and we don't use it anymore in our templates.
We use and include in new version of quickinstall form using addon (form builder) included in SP Page Builder; is simple and better, you can use it in your website.

Best regards
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