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Hi there.
i would like to add a google map into a page and i want to have it full width.
can you tell me which class can i use to the element to achieve this
like a class no-gutters. or something similar,

so i want also to ask do you have your css classes somewhere documented?
where can i see which classes can i use to sppg blocks
text allign center or left or right
i have seen some classes at your demo but i dont know their functionality.

also i saw that using sppg inside an article or module
the width of the page is not the same as using direct the sp page

any help would be appreciated
3 weeks ago

In the row options you can select it to be fluid, that means no container. You can insert the map after this: https://www.joomshaper.com/documentation/sp-page-builder/sp-page-builder-3/backend-editor#row-options

The classes are in majority inserted by Sp Page Builder when you select row/column structure, also you have in the addon options to align them left/right/center: https://www.joomshaper.com/blog/creating-a-custom-layout-with-nested-rows-in-sp-page-builder

When we created addons using html it is possible we also inserted some bootstrap 4 classes which you can find more about here: https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.6/getting-started/introduction/
Any other custom class is inserted in the places specified in the documentation.

The Sp Page Builder inside a custom position is limited by the width of that position. In the template layout you need to set that position to full width so that the page builder module can be full width as well. Regarding articles, we did not create articles with Sp Page Builder.
one week ago
is this a bootstrap css class?
or maybe is it a sp page builder css class...

oohh i can find it at your documentation........

at css - suffixes section yes yes....

i spent 3 fuc***ng days to find out this


so i can make the blog layout to work.

are there any similar classes i will need to know?
one week ago

The class for the blog was inserted so that the right module can be present without breaking the layout.
The places where we placed the custom css are specified in the documentation. The general css, like the class you showed me here is found in the custom.css file.
There is also a link there with a tutorial showing how you can check for classes applied to a page: https://windstripethemes.com/using-browsers-developer-tools-for-customizing/
one week ago
The places where we placed the custom css are specified in the documentation.

at which documentation are you referring to?????

as for the developers tool at browser.......
...how will i find a css class which is not applied.or missing to the page???
i was trying to setup the layout as your demo
and i couldnt
i setup the quickstart to and start comparing all the settings to see what i was missing......
one week ago
The documentation you received on your downloaded pack.

The sidebar class is the only one assigned to a menu item page class, I didn't understand in the initial post you were referring to the blog page.

There is also a recommendation to check the quickinstall in order to see how the template is made, although we tried to cover everything in the documentation.
one week ago
Chris i am really tired with the whole thing with the blog.
i havent sleep for days
and i have spent many hours doing nothing at the end.

can you please give some attention to me here either with chat.... on your site
or skype or even a single ticket.... to solve each issue....

i believve the most problems are due lack of communication.

if you can do so i will really appreciate .

one week ago
by the way the template documentation
has general instruction of how to setup
and general things most of them pointing to module authors documentation,

there is nothing specific there either for classes .
either for setting up things for this template styles.

per example where is the latest post images size assigned? and associated?
i have already open a ticket for this.

i think this would need to be documented at the templates documentation
and ofcourse the sidebar layout css class for blog page,

also you dont mention anywhere that if i will need to change the images size in future.
i ll have to re-upload one by one again.
i am trying to fix this before i add all the blog posts.
i also have a crop issue with the quality.......

all these issues can be solved over skype in 15-30 min,
here with creating random tickets each time......
and getting responses like

read the documentation
this is a custom thing and its not applied to the theme support.
this is a joomla issue...

the only thing you manage is to waste both of our time!
one week ago

I am giving you all the attention I can. You want some things that cannot be achieved and this is where the issues are.

The documentation is made so that everyone can install and set up the template as in the demo. To make a documentation on which to explain where you can change every title, paragraph, image, class, would result in thousand page long documentations which no one will ever read and will get back here in the end.

Some things are not explained because they are explained better in their original documentation. There is no point in me grabbing posts from Joomshaper's documentation to explain how to edit a section, for example, when I can just link to that in case someone needs it.

In your example, the post images are inserted within an Joomla article. I do not have to point out this because this is a Joomla feature, not a template one.

There are a lot of things "not mentioned" because I cannot anticipate everything someone wants to do with the template. I cannot mention everything the template or Joomla cannot do.

My responses are valid responses, I do not send you to read anything without providing links, details and valid replies in my opinion. If those replies do not solve what you want to do, I am sorry.

You are right, I am wasting time when I try to help asap even though a lot of the questions are customizing questions. From now on I will stick to the support policy which I signed up for: https://themeforest.net/page/item_support_policy

Good luck!
one week ago
are you serious?>????

the css class sidebar at the menu link page for the blog layout page? isnt it at theme support?

and its not documented anywhere? yyour valid response was to check bootstrap documentation,

the blog category layout breadcrumb image and display isnt it at the design support?
you have create a hidden blog link instead to show the single post article?
while you advertise your theme as a blog category design with joomla articles?
category pages not working on your demo (empty categories)
tags and search the same... these are not in design support?

where did i ever asked for a custom thing to do
or a thing that its outside your theme?

i believe the conflict its due communication and makes thibgs harder that it is,
one week ago
The class is at theme support and I replied about it. I replied above:

I didn't understand in the initial post you were referring to the blog page.

You can ask again in more detail if it does not seem I understand, I don't know about you, but english is not my primary language. I thought in your initial post you were referring to the classes generated by Page Builder for rows, columns.

I answered for the blog breadcrumb and category as well, but they are as you see in the demo, if you want them displayed in another way, then this is what customizing means.

Where was the blog category desing advertised? We have designed Default Joomla articles into blog layouts - which we did using Sp Page Builder.

Tags and search - I replied.
one week ago

Tags and search - I replied.

are you reffering at the new ticket i create?
did you delete it? because i cant find it
one week ago
I do not delete, I don't have the rights to delete topics. I think this is it: https://joomlabuff.com/support/support-forums/search-page-tags-page-blog-category-page.html
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