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  1. Moghees
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  3. Tuesday, 26 May 2020
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If you go here: https://www.socialdistancingprints.co.uk/index.php/products/social-distancing-pvc-vinyl-banners

I have some bullet points under the pricing tabs. But then it is repeated in the description as well but I don't want it repeated.
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Hi Moghees,

Thank you for using our product.

If you ask me why the short description displayed above the cart button. "Actually It's a part of my plan" by default J2store won't come with this feature. I just designed this section like this.

When customers have a short description it will be displayed below the cart button. by default, J2store has this section in the description tab. Since you like these features and only want to disable the J2store Core kindly use the below code in your custom.css file which is located following location templates/screwer/css/custom.css

.tab-content .product-sdesc{

Feel free to contact us any time. we always love to help you :D
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