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The Common SEO Site Audit Tools

Here we are going to discuss the SEO audit process. Auditing the site is a basic step of SEO because it helps us to show complete details about our website. Nowadays, we can simply complete the SEO audit process with the help of some special tools. We can improve our search traffic by following some of the steps of an SEO audit. We should keep in mind that what steps need to be done for boosting the traffic. We may refer to blogs or seek experts to help to find the right methods to do an SEO audit.

Essential Tools need for SEO Audit Process

In the past days, the SEO audit process is highly technical and also it takes time to complete. Now we can use many advanced tools for SEO auditing and some of the required tools are
   • Google Search Console
   • Google Analytics
   • Google Page Speed Insights
   • Google Structured Data Testing Tool
   • Copyscape
   • Ahrefs
   • SERP simulator
   • Page Word Counter

Not above all tools need for manual site audit but these tools will be useful for easy site auditing. Google search console is basically for optimization of website and maintenance so we can easily correct the mistakes of websites. Google Analytics tools can be important for SEO and website management. This tool helps website owners to improve the SEO and it also gives a lot of information about the performance of any particular website. The Google page speed insights tool will also helpful for the betterment of SEO. This tool simply analyzes the full content of the website and it also creates some suggestions to improve the speed of the website or webpage. However, we no need to spend more time checking the content manually. The Google structured data testing tool is also working for the site auditing process. This tool simply scans the structured data on our website and it also generates the sample view of the scanned site. We can bring more natural traffic through this special tool so it’s a beneficial tool for site auditing. Content plays an essential role in the improvement of SEO but we have to create plagiarism free content for ranking. The Copyscape is a free tool of SEO and it’s only checking the duplication in content so we can avoid online threats and plagiarism issues. There are many paid plagiarism tools also available but this tool highly beneficial for making the process of site auditing.

Generally, we are looking for multiple benefits by using a single application because it saves time and money. Ahrefs tool is a pretty helpful tool because this tool can be used at SEO, link building, and content. When we are conducting a site or SEO auditing process, this tool might be the right choice. If we know about how to use the Ahrefs tool, then we can do SEO auditing process without any troubles. The SERP simulator is a search snippet optimization tool of Google and this tool helps to see a sample of our search results. We can simply update the description, title by using the SERP simulator. However, we can make our listing is so beautiful by this splendid tool. We know that content is highly important and we must keep leveling the word count for improvement of search ranking. A page word counter is a free tool that simply counts the total no of characters and words in page or site. This tool will help us to run the site auditing process so we may use it for SEO improvement. There are plenty of online word counter tools available but page word counter is well enough for better performance of the website. The above tools are giving a contribution in the site auditing process so we can use them without any doubts.

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