The Best 3 AMP Extensions for Joomla

Today, everyone would like to spend more time on advanced mobile phones due to the latest features.  A mobile phone is simple enough to search for things and visit a different kind of websites. People always hate low page speed issues that make them irritate so developers have to fix those issues with innovative techniques. Joomla sites mostly look good but developers should include some extensions and plug-ins to make the sites so comfortable. AMP is a significant technique used to resolve page speed issues in mobile devices well. AMP allows mobile blog or website contents to load very instantly so now it’s considering as important factor for every publisher. There are three major extensions available for making the AMP page in Joomla.

Importance of AMP for Joomla Site

Every Joomla site owner wants to keep the site very convenient and user-friendly for making the visitor happy. Page speed is necessary for running an online business because every visitor would like to go for a faster website. Every developer puts hard work on the website to get ranked on search engines so they must use one of the best AMP extensions to improve page speed. It rapidly increases the mobile website’s speed so visitors can feel great while spending time over various Joomla sites.  We are going to see about top 3 AMP extensions which are JAMP, wbAMP, and accelerated mobile pages.


JAMP amp min

JAMP is a flexible plug-in for Joomla platform and it simply creates the AMP version of web pages to be indexed by search engine automatically. The JAMP integrates with all Joomla extensions so it makes the website so convenient in mobile devices. It comes up with some useful features such as automatic conversion, automated submission, easy activation, meta-data management, and others.
It can automatically convert different Joomla contents into the effective AMP HTML markup.
It can simply submit AMP links to search engine for indexing with meta-data
Users can include the font awesome icons in different AMP pages
It allows a user to customize colors, titles, logo, and other themes
It gives rights to access AMP web components like Google analytics, menu, sidebar, youtube, social media, and others
Users can easily test each AMP page so users can feel good with this version of the AMP extension. Every reader can spend some valuable time on Joomla sites if those sites have included AMP extension.


wpamp min

WbAMP extension is another version of AMP and it gives some wonderful support to Joomla site owners and developers. It’s not a free extension so users should pay some money. Even it helps users to load mobile website content instantly so they can use it without any hassle. It contains some important features that may help users widely.
It converts each Joomla page into the AMP markup without any initiatives
This particular extension can able to handle various media and social contents like facebook, youtube, images, and others
It allows users to show and hide any contents
Users can add footer and navigation by picking up a custom Joomla module. They can even convert all contents into the standard of AMP.
Google Analytics is a great feature of it because users can see the list of visitors
Developers can use this extension to expand the benefits of Joomla sites. Every mobile user can feel the relaxation with the help of the wbAMP extension.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

accelerated mobile pages min

Mobile users should not get affected by slow loading page issues so Joomla site developers have to use AMP extensions. It’s also a paid extension so the user can’t get it for free of cost. It’s customizable so users have no necessary to put effort to customize header, footer, title, color, and themes.
It lets users show advertisements on different AMP pages. It’s a special feature of this extension
It displays all social share buttons on all AMP pages. Even it enables lightbox for images on various AMP pages
Users can simply improve the user experience of their website by displaying a menu bar on all AMP pages.
It contains also Google Analytics so users can simply track the visitor's details
Developers can use any one of the AMP extensions to improve page speed quite conveniently.

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