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Joomla! - For the Society

Mankind has been thriving in this world successfully because of the ethics of humanity that was developed across the time with the world’s best civilizations. The same ethics of humanity should be followed in this Digital civilization for the betterment of everyone. The software helps the businesses to survive and grow in today’s world. But many are not in the position to afford the high end software because of its high price and the operational cost. To provide everyone the equal opportunity, the concept of open source software development has been formed and this results a greatest benefit to people across the globe.

As the Internet world evolves, the demand for website and website technology has increased and many open source web development software and Content Management Systems shortly called CMS have been introduced. Joomla! Is one among the open source CMS tools that has registered its success in various platforms through its Performance, Accessibility, Simplicity, Usability etc., Joomla! Is made and operated by the Open Source Matters, Inc. and the Joomla Community. 

Joomla! Is functioned by its Mission to provide flexible, Multilingual, and Free platforms for Digital collaboration and Publishing, created and maintained by the community of volunteers. The Platform should be secure, stable and extensible. Adaptation of latest technologies to the core joomla to be innovative and moving towards the future. The Joomla! Has also the vision of being a stable tool for Small, and Medium size businesses, Web Builders and agencies, and to Non-Profit Agencies to create, edit, extend and maintain an online publishing platform.

Visions of Joomla!

Open Source

To create and develop Joomla! As one of the most advanced and sought after open source CMS tools ever. Through this vision Joomla! Has been made secure, advanced, and freely accessible to everyone.

Establish Global Support

To create a global community of volunteers to create, maintain and renew Joomla! By imparting the advancements happening in the Web industry. Also, to create support and communication across all levels of the community in a transparent Manner.

Social Engagement

To earn the trust of all the users through constant performance and security upgrades, to act independently to serve the purpose of this project created for and to commit the community towards the social responsibility.

Importance of Joomla Community

The Joomla community comprises thousands of contributors and volunteers across the globe working towards the improvement of Joomla! The contributors and volunteers can do their part to Joomla! Through technical, Documentation and monetary support as well. As a Member of the Joomla Community there are a lot of privileges. 

Joomla community always treat their members as a family and all the latest updates of Joomla! As well as of the Industry might be conveyed to the members. The members are given priority in all the projects and events conducted by the Joomla community. Also, there is a high amount of pride and satisfaction guaranteed to the members of the Joomla community as they work not only for them but for technological equality among the society.  Heartfelt thanks to Joomla! And Joomla community from Joomlabuff for everything you gave to the society.

To Become a part of Joomla Community

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