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Joomla for beginners - Your First step into the world of web development

Technology transforms itself every day. Many developers and aspiring graduates and students have a dream to excel in the world of web-technology but might be in chaos to choose their card in this tech game. This article is to those to help them out to understand what Joomla! Is. 

What is a content management system?

“A content management system, shortly called as CMS, is software that helps users to manage, modify, and create content on a website in a simple way without the need for specialized technical knowledge.”

What is Open-Source?

“Open source is a methodology that provides free access to modify, to build a product out of it and  distribution of an end product, usually program, snippet and software at free of cost”

What is Joomla?

Joomla is an open-source and free content management system for creating, modifying and Managing web content. It was first launched in 2005 and it is based on model view controller framework system which helps you to build strong online application.

Milestones of Joomla

Joomla! Organization recently released the statistics of data which clearly shows how it is impacting the internet world. 

  • 2 Million Websites run on Joomla!
  • 109 Million Joomla downloads
  • 10000+ Extensions and Templates
  • 1500+ Volunteers 
  • Joomla supports 76 Languages

Let there be no delay in learning this amazing tool and be a top notch website developer.

Types of Web- Applications

A web-Application is created to fulfil the need of the end user or the business user. The requirement of every user varies and Joomla has solution to all the needs. Using Joomla! A variety of web-applications can be made.

Single page website

A single page website consists of a single HTML page alone. Additional page like About, Contact us, Products/Services etc. will not be there.

Multi Page website

A Multi-Page website contains multiple single pages like About, contact us, Product/Services etc., In other words it is the combination of more than one single page website.

Ecommerce website 

Ecommerce website application is the advanced web application concept where it allows customers to buy your products or services from anywhere. This web application is the new age business platform and impacting businesses globally.

Scheduling website

The website built with appointment scheduling tool or software is called as scheduling website. Through this website, clients will be able to book an appointment to receive your product or service and it also helps customers to know the business schedule.  This application is highly recommended by the customers these days.

The web application has to be built only based on the business needs. A website or a web application is a huge platform to the business to showcase itself hence, the content of the website plays a crucial role in the online world.

Source to Learn Joomla!

Joomla document for Beginners


Joomla online course by Tutorials Point


For Predefined Joomla Templates


This article was created to help beginners and professionals and we hope the above post has given an idea about Joomla! And we are expecting our readers to be the future innovators of Joomla!

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