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Joomla 4 is breaking its shell

The world of web is evolving every day. To meet the growing requirements Joomla.org has come up with the version of Joomla 4.0. The release of Joomla 4.0 is the first step in the next crucial release series for Joomla! CMS. There are many notable advantages in the version 4.0 which could help the business to outreach to their prospects and to maintain the existing traffic with ease and comfort.

The list of benefits and key features that are promised in Joomla 4 are:

  • Advances security features to support prepared statements of SQL.
  • Increased speed of Joomla downloading achieved by simple, clean and user friendly methods.
  • Re-structured Media Manager with latest image editing capabilities and rendering algorithms.
  • Well-Developed workflow for publishing and managing content on the site.
  • State-of-the-art user interfaces to enhance frontend and backend experience for the users.
  • HTML Mail templates for highly customized email sent by site.
  • Expanded and improved Command Line Interface (CLI) for the system.
  • Dynamic codebase with the removal of deprecated functions of the version Joomla 3.x and the inclusion of PHP namespaces.

And many more to come…

Final Release

Full-fledged development of Joomla 4 is taking place. The detailed roadmap for the release has been announced by the Joomla.org.

Alpha 12 4.0.0 version

17th October 2019

Beta releases

March 2020


Mid of 2020


Yet to be determined

Joomla! Developer Network is taking care of the development of Joomla 4.0 and this project is headed by George Wilson. All updates of the development has been shared frequently by the Joomla!. There are many features presently in development and as Joomla! CMS is an open-source, developers can contribute their part to this project 4.0

Features you can contribute:

Joomla! Is not likely to release another minor version for 3.x unless it is very essential. All the efforts are put towards Joomla 4.  It is advisable for the users and developers to be prepared for the upgradation of version 4.0

ALPHA 12 of Joomla 4

The Alpha 12 of Joomla 4 contains major bug fixes from the previous Alpha version. It is the merger of Joomla versions 3.9.7, 3.9.8, 3.9.9, 3.9.10 and 3.9.11. It also includes HTML Mail Templates which help to customize the emails sent from your site. The compatibility of MySQL 8 with Joomla has been improved. To be one of the cutting edge CMS tools, Joomla has improved the minimal technical requirements of Joomla 4. 

  • PHP 7.2 - As the support for PHP 5 has been stopped, Joomla has decided 7.2 as its minimum requirement which can have support in the future. 
  • MySQL 5.6 - As the lifetime of 5.5 ended in December 2018, it is necessary to move towards 5.6. Joomla may advance up to 5.7 as it allow the use of JSON type databases in MYSQL
  • PostgreSQL 11.0 - Postgre releases its major version once a year with new features. Joomla faced the difficulty to support users with different versions of PostgreSQL. Hence they have raised the bar to the version 11.0 to maintain stability.
  • End of Support for Internet Explorer - Joomla has decided to end its support to the Internet explorer because nearly around 5% of web users only across the globe depend on IE. You can still run Joomla 4 in Internet Explorer by installing separate extensions to support IE.
  • Search to Smart Search - Joomla has redefined the smart search which is an indexed-based search methodology by resolving the long standing bugs and improved the data structure and the taxonomy of the system. Joomla has stopped the support for the search as smart search has extended its solution to the search.


Joomla has started providing tutorials for some of the features for Joomla 4. The documentation is available for the features like Namespaces convention, How to create a module or a plugin, How to use web asset classes and many.

Download Joomla 4 Documentation

Joomla is open for developers to contribute in writing the documentation for Joomla 4. Joomla has announced the documentation for most of the features of Joomla 4 will be available after the launch of the Beta version of Joomla 4.

Contribute to Joomla 4 Documentation

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