There is a saying “Self-Belief and Hard Work will always earn you success” and again it has been proved in our story. We feel so Happy to announce that we have been honored with the position of “Elite Author” by Envato. We take this honor as a reward to our Hard Work, Perseverance, Learning and Sacrifice that we have been going through from the day when we launched our first product “The Book Store”.

What is Elite Author Means?

This position of “Elite Author” is a “Symbol of Excellence” and holds a remarkable value in Envato Digital marketplace and it is one of the greatest milestone in our journey. It is provided to the companies with outstanding sales ($75000+) record in Envato. This clearly shows Our products have a phenomenal response among the customers around the globe.

12 April, 19


Joomla Template for Gardening and Landscaping

22 March, 19


Building Construction Business Joomla Template

5 March, 19


Business Consulting & Professional Services Joomla Template

As we have announced a few weeks ago, We’ve just updated 12 of our Joomla templates to provide them a performance boost and few fixes to some known issues. The novelties with this update have been huge and we are sure you will all benefit from them.

We firmly believe in compatibility and in being able to create a connected experience, that has no bugs and that works perfectly. For this reason, hard work went in creating all the necessary arrangements in order to make 12 of our templates compatible with Joomla 3.9.x

Since the update process is fairly extensive, we kindly advise everybody to take a full backup of their site, before initiating the process.

Below you find a list of all our templates, which are now compatible with the latest version of Joomla:

  1. Bookstore - 
Joomla e-commerce template with e-book subscription
  2. Finance Press - Consulting Business & Finance Joomla Template
  3. Interrio - Architecture & Interior design Joomla Template
  4. Organic Store - E-commerce template for Organic food products
  5. Assurance - Business Consulting & Professional Services Joomla Template
  6. Industries - Industries & Factory Business Joomla Template
  7. Landscapist - Gardening & Landscaping Joomla Template
  8. Decorator - Architecture & Modern Interior Design Studio
  9. Health coach - Joomla Template for Fitness, Health, Personal Life Coaching
  10. Fortune
 - Consulting & Professional Business Joomla Template
  11. Universal - Finance & Consulting Business Joomla Template
  12. Factory Plus - Industrial & Factory Business Joomla Template

We are glad to provide you with the best possible experience and we are looking forward to hearing what you think about the update.

8 February, 19


Renovation Services and Craftsman Business Joomla Theme

10 January, 19


Gardening, Lawn and Landscaping Joomla Theme

10 December, 18


One Page Joomla Template for Digital Agency

5 November, 18


Industries & Factory Business Joomla Template
24 September, 18


Business Consulting & Professional Services Joomla Template

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