8 Must have Joomla Extensions for Every Website

Over the last decade CMS has overtaken all the HTML sites including corporate websites. Joomla has major role on that change. Every Joomla developer has a toolkit of extension they can’t live without that usually includes solutions for backing-up, images, forms, caching, security and adding other improvements that build on CMS core. JDE includes more than 8,600 components, modules and plugins that build on core, allowing you to bend the website to your will. So here's a diverse collection of extensions designed to make your Joomla site administration a lot easier and extend your site's capabilities. Feel free to add your favorite tools via our comments area.

1. Akeeba Backup:

Safety first. With Akeeba Backup, backing up a site is a one-step process.

Akeeba Backup is a multi-platform plugin that is distributed under a freemium model. The Backup Core version is available free of charge; Premium version costs 40 euros (about $52) per year with additional features like enabling system restore points, automatic update, email notifications when there are updates or backups, and 128-bit cryptography. Not to mention some better support options.

Akeeba Backup is as easy to install as any other Joomla extension, and running the post-installation configuration is just a matter of clicking a single button and off you go. Backing up is just as simple; click the big blue button in the Akeeba control panel and in just a few minutes the site is backed up.

Download Akeeba

2. JCE (Joomla Content Editor):

JCE adds a set of tools to your Joomla environment that gives you the power to create the kind of content you want, without limitations, and without needing to know or learn HTML, XHTML, and CSS. Installation of JCE is easy; to activate it, you simply go into your site's Global Configuration settings and select JCE as your Default Editor. One of the massive toolbar is the Full Screen toggle button, which expands the entire editor out to the entire browser screen.

JCE also includes a pro-version which includes more add-ons such as a Media Manager and an extended Image Manager. Pro-Version is available on annual subscription at 25 euros (about $32), with renewals starting a 15 euros (about $20). There's a demo site available if you want to see if the plug-ins are right for you.

Download JCE

3. SP Page Builder:

Do you want to have rotating banner/slider, feature boxes, call to action, carousel, testimonials, tabs, twitter feeds, Youtube videos, blockquote etc in your homepage? Then the answer is to use SP Page Builder. SP Page Builder is drag & drop system, where you need not touch a single line of code. You can give styling easily to match your website layout. By using SP Page Builder you will save lots of your time in designing your homepage, which is the most crucial part of websites.

Download SP Page Builder

4. K2 Blog:

K2 is an award winning extension made for blogging. K2 provides an out-of-the box integrated solution featuring rich content forms for items, nested-level categories, tags, comments, a system to extend the item base form with additional fields, frontend editing, sub-templates & a lot more!

Using K2, you can transform your Joomla website to an exclusive news/magazine site with author blogs, product catalogs, work portfolio, knowledge base, download/document manager, directory listing, event listing, Google AJAX search integration & more, all this bundled under one package!

Download K2

5. J2Store:

J2Store is a shopping cart extension exclusive for Joomla lovers. You can easily create your own online store using this incredible extension and our stack of features. Unlike other extensions J2store is a user friendly component for developers to build a shopping cart website for their clients.

J2Store has almost 250K+ happy customers. It includes both free and premium version. You can compare the features on J2Store official website.

Download J2Store

6. Quix Page builder:

With Quix - the most advanced, fast, and responsive page builder for Joomla, you can build a simple to complex site by yourself. Not only as a component, Quix works everywhere inside Joomla. You can transform your boring article or blog post into an interactive and visually enriched content within minutes. With Quix collection and shortcode the sky is the limit.

Quix includes both free and pro version. Pro version comes with some advanced controls like preset layouts, shortcode support, elements visibility control and more. The most important thing is pro version of this plugin is a one-time payment and so you can use this component as long you want.

Download Quix

7. Acy Mailing:

Email marketing is an important key factor in Busines. You know even 38% of the traffic to all the websites are generated by email. Hence to promote your Email campaign from a Joomla website Acy Mailing is one of the best free tool available in the market.

Acy Mailing can be easily integrated into the website. This is available in 60 different languages. Every week Acy mailing is gaining more than 5000 happy customers. This includes many high performing functionalities by addressing your needs.

Download ACY mailing

8. JSitemap:

JSitemap is an award winning sitemap generator extension and a complete SEO solution for Joomla and offers an innovative and revolutionary way to manage all types of sitemap contents without need of additional plugins! Up to 400% more site visibility! Boost your indexing with JSitemap, the advanced sitemap generator and SEO indexing tool for Joomla

JSitemap ships with the official integration with Google Webmasters Tools and Search Console to submit, resubmit, delete sitemaps, monitor indexing status, monitor and fix crawl errors directly inside your Joomla backend using a user friendly interface! Moreover the Google Search Console section lets you monitor organic searches, keywords, clicks, impressions, and the average SERP position for each page of your website.

Download JSitemap


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