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Efficiency of Simple Link Building Techniques

Gaining popularity is a new trend of business people because which helps them to conquer the business world easily. Actually, they need some innovative techniques to achieve that kind of audience support. Now SEO can be a simple and powerful technique to bring traffic. Actually SEO companies help business owners to gain a high range of audience by using plenty of advanced techniques. In SEO, there are many approaches have been used by seo engineers but seo never get finished without building quality links. The SEO agencies are working hard for getting consistent rank on search engine result page. Definition of backlink is bringing in hyperlinks from different websites to a particular website. There are two types of links such as do follow and no follow links.

Top Link building Techniques

Bring traffic is only an aim of seo agency but it’s not easy because Google or other search engines frequently change their algorithms. Link building can be a smart option to use even if algorithm changes respectively. Actually backlink building process comes under off page seo approach. The most common link building techniques are

  • Social Bookmarking

  • Profile link

  • Document Sharing

  • Directory Submission

  • Blogging

In these days seo agencies are using many techniques but above approaches are common to use by everyone. Social channels are now becoming very handy to post their comments and it also helps users to gain audience support. They can improve website ranking by using social bookmarking which is one of link building techniques. The business growth is now simple when we get connected with huge no of audience and clients. The business people can be effective if they are active in social presence like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. They should create social media channel shortcuts on their website for easy redirection. This method can earn good social audience without any hassle.


Profile link is also a valid link building technique and it gives proper followers support for brand popularity. There are thousands of profile link sites are available so users can make this process without any difficulties. Some of the profile link sites are myspace, vimeo, disqus and others so seo engineers can make this job quite comfortably. Document sharing which is another link building technique and it helps user to position the site on search engine result page. Most common document sharing sites are issuu, dropbox, google drive, icloud and others. Directory submission is really a cost effective link building technique and it brings some traffic very easily. Actually, normal audience can easily access user’s website by this techniques and some of the important directory submission sites are addlinkzfree.com, wldirectory.com, submitlinkurl.com and others.


Blogging is one of the powerful techniques to bring traffic and it works better than any other link building techniques. It helps user to gain also money and users should create neat content to make blogging very successful. There are many blogging sites available so no need to worry about running a blog. The common blogging sites are weebly, wordpress, wix, live journal and others.


Popularity is very helpful for business growth but it’s very easy by doing seo so business owners should hire a good seo engineer. The users need to be careful before selecting link building sites because bad sites bring negative results. Actually, they should also take care of domain authority and page authority to get good results and improvement of website rank. Every seo engineer is looking for positive results while doing seo but only it’s possible by good and effective link building techniques. In these days people are using thousands of link building approaches but only a few techniques help them achieve seo completely. Finally, users can understand that link building gives complete effort to rank on search engine result page.


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