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Today, everyone would like to spend more time on advanced mobile phones due to the latest features.  A mobile phone is simple enough to search for things and visit a different kind of websites. People always hate low page speed issues that make them irritate so developers have to fix those issues with innovative techniques. Joomla sites mostly look good but developers should include some extensions and plug-ins to make the sites so comfortable. AMP is a significant technique used to resolve page speed issues in mobile devices well. AMP allows mobile blog or website contents to load very instantly so now it’s considering as important factor for every publisher. There are three major extensions available for making the AMP page in Joomla.

Importance of AMP for Joomla Site

Every Joomla site owner wants to keep the site very convenient and user-friendly for making the visitor happy. Page speed is necessary for running an online business because every visitor would like to go for a faster website. Every developer puts hard work on the website to get ranked on search engines so they must use one of the best AMP extensions to improve page speed. It rapidly increases the mobile website’s speed so visitors can feel great while spending time over various Joomla sites.  We are going to see about top 3 AMP extensions which are JAMP, wbAMP, and accelerated mobile pages.


JAMP amp min

JAMP is a flexible plug-in for Joomla platform and it simply creates the AMP version of web pages to be indexed by search engine automatically. The JAMP integrates with all Joomla extensions so it makes the website so convenient in mobile devices. It comes up with some useful features such as automatic conversion, automated submission, easy activation, meta-data management, and others.
It can automatically convert different Joomla contents into the effective AMP HTML markup.
It can simply submit AMP links to search engine for indexing with meta-data
Users can include the font awesome icons in different AMP pages
It allows a user to customize colors, titles, logo, and other themes
It gives rights to access AMP web components like Google analytics, menu, sidebar, youtube, social media, and others
Users can easily test each AMP page so users can feel good with this version of the AMP extension. Every reader can spend some valuable time on Joomla sites if those sites have included AMP extension.


wpamp min

WbAMP extension is another version of AMP and it gives some wonderful support to Joomla site owners and developers. It’s not a free extension so users should pay some money. Even it helps users to load mobile website content instantly so they can use it without any hassle. It contains some important features that may help users widely.
It converts each Joomla page into the AMP markup without any initiatives
This particular extension can able to handle various media and social contents like facebook, youtube, images, and others
It allows users to show and hide any contents
Users can add footer and navigation by picking up a custom Joomla module. They can even convert all contents into the standard of AMP.
Google Analytics is a great feature of it because users can see the list of visitors
Developers can use this extension to expand the benefits of Joomla sites. Every mobile user can feel the relaxation with the help of the wbAMP extension.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

accelerated mobile pages min

Mobile users should not get affected by slow loading page issues so Joomla site developers have to use AMP extensions. It’s also a paid extension so the user can’t get it for free of cost. It’s customizable so users have no necessary to put effort to customize header, footer, title, color, and themes.
It lets users show advertisements on different AMP pages. It’s a special feature of this extension
It displays all social share buttons on all AMP pages. Even it enables lightbox for images on various AMP pages
Users can simply improve the user experience of their website by displaying a menu bar on all AMP pages.
It contains also Google Analytics so users can simply track the visitor's details
Developers can use any one of the AMP extensions to improve page speed quite conveniently.

Today, we are living in a faster environment so every job we want to do as simple as possible. Joomla theme developers currently use many tactics to make customers access themes quite easily. Joomla page builder can help customers to make a new site but we should go for a trustworthy builder to avoid hassles while setting up a website. SP page builder is an exceptional drag and drop tool which is optimal for both professionals and fresher. SP Page builder lets us make a brand new website independently so now most of the professional developers would like to use this builder. Here we are going to talk about the top 10 Joomla templates developed with SP page builder.


positive joomla template

Positive is a versatile Joomla template built by joomlabuff. It includes SP page builder so we can build a stylish site within a few clicks. It’s perfect for startup business and other consulting sectors. Positive has a layer slider which helps us to make gallery slider, content slider, and others. The positive template guides customers to easily customize a website with eCommerce support.


landshaper joomla template

Always users want to purchase a multipurpose template to comfortably set up any kind of sites as per the situation. Landshaper is a beneficial Joomla theme that can be used for many sectors like gardening, ground keeping, landscaping, and others. Landshaper theme comes with SP page builder so users can feel easy about making a new site. It’s fully developed by joomlabuff.


universal joomla template

Universal is a stylish Joomla theme that works well for finance, accountants and other consulting firms. SP page builder is a handy tool that included with this Joomla theme for making a site faster. The universal theme looks comfortable so users can simply access it without any difficulties. It comes up with five different color themes so users can change it any time they want.

Factory press

factorypress joomla ecommerce template

Factory press Joomla template comes with an advanced SP page builder to customize a site very quickly. It might be the right choice for all kinds of industrial and machinery businesses. The factory press saves the valuable time of users by its easy drag and drops tool. It includes some additional features like super sliders, blogging facilities, and amazing user interface.


builderhub joomla template

BuilderHUB is a nice Joomla template for building contractors and home remodeling service centers. It comes with a great SP page builder to build a site and this page builder can adjust a site at any time very simply. It has four stunning home page variations with unique designs so visitors would like to use this template for a better experience. Additionally, it has a blogging feature to share contents in a regular interval.


humanity joomla ecommerce template

Users would like to use a faster page builder to make any kind of sites within a few minutes. However, customer expectation will fulfill by using SP page builder that comes with a wide range of benefits.  The humanity template is pretty suitable for social organizations and charity. It guides the user to make a site within a short period so every user can feel easy while accessing humanity Joomla template.

Repair plus

repairplus joomla ecommerce template

Repair plus Joomla template includes an easy edit SP page builder so users will feel comfortable while building a site. A repair plus template can be used for mobile and computer repair service centers. It gives 100% support to every user of this template. It has some other features like eCommerce support, blogging, and stunning sliders.  


austincoach joomla template

The Austincoach Joomla template is a fabulous option for fitness and lifestyle centers. It has a powerful SP page builder so users can build and edit sites simply. Even it comes with blogging and eCommerce support so Austin coach never lets us feel tough while accessing. Generally, it comes with different sliders and well designed four home page variations. This template has a good user interface too.


decorator joomla template

Decorators Joomla template is a good option for interior designers and architectures. Building a site is very easy by the SP page builder because it’s very faster than other page builder tools. This template has some unique features like advanced sliders, unique home pages, eCommerce and blogging. Decorators template make customer satisfy by its wonderful setup.

Organic store

organicstore joomla ecommerce template

The organic store is a specialized Joomla template for organic food products. It comes with a robust SP page builder that helps us to edit the pages of a site very easily. It looks very stylish with four different home page variations. The user interface of the organic store is also cool so no need to feel bad while using it for different purposes.  
SP page builder is a gift for developers because it gives exceptional support to every customer. Joomlabuff uses SP page builder to customize a template that makes user's jobs very easy.

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CMS platform is now widely used by theme developers for making templates and websites simple and faster. Joomla is showing optimistic performance to make a variety of themes and sites as well. In Joomla, there are thousands of extensions available in the market so you can utilize them for making an e-commerce shopping cart simply. J2Store is a complete e-commerce integration or extension which is only for Joomla. This extension only takes less than 10 minutes to set up and simply start the online shopping business. J2Store is a top pick of customers who are using the Joomla platform because it’s flexible and powerful to use. Now, we are going to see some e-commerce Joomla templates that are integrated with J2Store.


bookstore joomla ecommerce template

The bookstore is a pretty good e-commerce template that comes with an e-book subscription. It’s a product of Joomlabuff where we can get any kind of Joomla templates for a reasonable price. Bookstore integrates with J2Store extension so you can sell products or any other things in a convenient way. This particular template comes with several features such as responsiveness, five home page layouts with exceptional colors, T3 framework, Akeeba subscription, and easy drag and drops options. It has a personal blogging feature which is also valuable for users who want to share thoughts regularly. The bookstore can be the right option for people who want to start an e-book store.


fitnesscare joomla ecommerce template

The fitness care template also integrates with the J2Store extension that works well for e-commerce business. This particular template is suitable for the gym, sports center, yoga center, and other physical training institutes. The fitness care template has some advanced features such as page builders, exclusive sliders, blogging options, and others. Any users can make a new website within a few minutes by using this template so users may go for it.


Experts joomla ecommerce template

J2Store is a powerful extension that can help developers to make any Joomla templates faster and easier. The Experts Joomla template also integrates with super easy J2Store. This exclusive Joomla template will be useful for business and consulting firms, finance, accountants and others. It has some useful features like drag and drops page builder, different home page variations, stunning sliders, e-commerce support with blog options.


organicstore joomla ecommerce template

An organic store is a specialized e-commerce template that simply integrates with the J2Store extension. It’s simply suitable for all organic related businesses like farms and seeds, food industries and others. It includes supreme sliders, page builder and other features. J2Store extension helps users to start online selling. It includes K2 extension that helps for blogging. This product will be the right pick for people who are doing organic related businesses.

Factory press

factorypress joomla ecommerce template

Factory press Joomla template is one of the finest eCommerce templates and it’s suitable for business like industrial, machinery and other engineering firms. J2Store extension has applied to the factory press template so simply users can start an online shopping platform. It looks smart due to the various home page variations, sliders, and advanced page builders. The factory press Joomla template is one of the products of joomlabuff so no need any hesitation to buy it.


healthcoach joomla ecommerce template

A health coach is a Joomla e-commerce template that is also integrated with the J2Store extension. This is highly recommended for lifestyle, health, and personal life coach centers. It may be useful for trainers and coaches. It comes with some important features such as drag and drop options, graphical sliders, blogs, e-commerce carts, and others. A health coach is a good product of joomlabuff.


interrio joomla ecommerce template

The Interrio Joomla template is exclusively for interior design and home remodeling. This template has both J2Store and K2 extensions so users can start online selling business without any troubles. Interrio is fully responsive so users can use it through different devices like desktop, laptop, and mobile. It also contains four home page variations, random sliders, and other blogging features.


consultive joomla ecommerce template

a consultive template can be an optimal option for users who are doing business consulting and finance-related sectors. This Joomla template is effectively organized by J2Store and K2 extensions. J2Store works for starting an online shopping cart and the K2 extension helps users to get blogging features. It comes with a faster SP page builder, layer slider, powerful typography, and cross-browser compatibility. It makes the user's job very easy by its exceptional features and responsiveness.


brilliant joomla ecommerce template

Joomla templates have many features that are working well so today developers love to buy them for various purposes. Brilliant Joomla template might be effective for business consulting and other startup financial firms. Every e-commerce template requires some extensions to get some additional features. The brilliant template has a J2Store extension which is necessary for online selling feature. Users can simply make a new website within a few clicks by using this quality Joomla template.


woodworks joomla ecommerce template

Woodworks Joomla template is one of the joomlabuff products and it’s suitable for craftsman and carpenter works. It comes with valiant features like sp page builder, graphic sliders, four home page variations, and blogging options. It has J2Store extension that makes online shopping cart option very simple. This template comes with K2 extension too, so users can share their thoughts through blogs.


factoryhub joomla ecommerce template

Today, most Joomla developers work with J2Store extension because it gives optimal support to an online shopping cart feature. Factory hub is a superb Joomla template which is suitable for factories and machinery companies. It’s very easy to use so you no need to feel tough while handling this particular template. Factory hub template comes with SP page builder, different home page variations and other additional features.


humanity joomla ecommerce template

Humanity is a Joomla based template that is useful for non-profit, charity and other fundraising NGO sectors. J2Store extension has integrated with humanity template so users can start an online selling platform through an e-commerce site. It comes with easy drag and drop options, various sliders and home page variations. This particular Joomla template is giving wonderful support to all users. It simply looks good and convenient so everyone loves to use it for their charity.


aircare joomla ecommerce template

Aircare is a Joomla template that is good for air conditioner maintenance services. It comes with J2Store extension and K2 extension so users can start own online shopping platform with a blogging option. Aircare has some useful features like SP page builder, sliders and others. Aircare looks smart and convenient so users can use this eCommerce template for smart online selling.


fortune joomla ecommerce template

Joomla templates always help users to make a brand new website within 10 minutes. Fortune is one of the Joomla templates from joomlabuff and it may be the right choice for some businesses like finance and consulting services. It has two important extensions such as J2Store and K2. Any users can simply sell products through the website by the help of the J2Store extension. However, it contains many useful features so users can buy it without any doubts.


autocare joomla ecommerce template

The Autocare Joomla template can be suitable for service providers of car repair and workshop. It’s enough to make a brilliant website for business and it only requires lesser time. This template comes with some extraordinary features like easy drag and drops page builder, attractive sliders and blogging platform. J2Store extension makes this template as well effective e-commerce template because it works for online selling features.


financepress joomla ecommerce template

The finance press is a smart finance Joomla template that is integrated with a powerful J2Store extension. This particular extension makes online shopping business easy through an e-commerce site. The finance press template can set up a new website within 10 minutes so users can buy it for easy access. It comes with features like blogging, four home page variations, simple SP page builder and others.


assurance joomla ecommerce template

Assurance is a business consulting and professional service Joomla template that comes with unique features. First, it integrates with an effective J2Store extension so users can sell things through this well effective e-commerce template. The assurance Joomla template is cross-browser compatible and it is fully responsive. Easy drag and drop page builder makes customers job very simple while working. It has some powerful slider with different home page variations.


Landshaper joomla ecommerce template

Landshaper is a quality Joomla template that can be used for many sectors like gardening, lawn, and landscaping. It supports e-commerce due to the J2Store extension. It includes K2 extension that manages blogging feature so this template might be the right choice for any users. Landshaper comes with some important features like beautiful sliders, SP page builder and responsiveness. Users can buy it for running business successful with digitally.


Industries joomla ecommerce template

Industries Joomla template is pretty useful for a business like different industries and machinery companies. It integrates with high-quality J2Store extension so users can sell any products through this e-commerce website. Industries Joomla template comes with four home page variations, sliders, and blogging features respectively. It’s responsive so users can access it through any devices like mobile and computers.


creativ joomla ecommerce template

Creativ Joomla template is one of the top-selling templates because it can be used for many purposes like restaurant, hospital, corporate offices, and others. Creativ integrates with J2Store extension so users can easily start an online shopping platform within a few clicks. It includes a K2 extension so they can simply share their thoughts through this template. This template comes with SP page builder, four home page variations, different stunning sliders, and others.

Ecommerce templates are now getting popular due to the increase of online selling business. Joomlabuff is developing various high-quality Joomla templates for reasonable prices so users can get any type of Joomla e-commerce templates with us.

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The website is a necessary identity of business people and they can make it by different options like Joomla, WordPress, etc. I personally recommend Joomla over WordPress because as per recent research WordPress sites are mostly hacked but Joomla sites are spotted very less in hacking issues. In the finance sector, you need to keep a website to attract clients and others. There are thousands of finance and consulting Joomla templates available in many sites like Joomlabuff, and others. Now, I am going to give tips for choosing the top 10 finance related themes.


Positive joomla template

Joomla templates are mostly accurate and fast so you can build a new site within a few clicks. Positive is a business and finance Joomla template but it can be used in many sectors such as consulting, insurance, corporate, Tax and others. This template is very clear to see so you can choose it without any hard feelings. It usually comes with awesome home pages and sub-pages so you can use it without any issues. You no need to learn any special language or coding to handle this template because it’s quite easy. It has an SP Page Builder feature that helps you to build a new page and edit pages very simply. The features of a Positive template are Helix3 framework, Unite Slider, Responsive, Google Mobile friendly, Neat Coded, Simple Customization, and Good Support and well Documented. It offers e-commerce support so you can start your online cart store instantly.  


Statistic joomla template

If you are looking for the perfect finance Joomla template, then you can go for a statistic template. It’s a product of Joomlabuff and it gives quality support to you make finance related sites and e-commerce sites. This Joomla template is also suitable for many businesses so it’s the right option for you. It helps you to get an online presence that brings automatic support from new and existing clients. Key features of the Statistic Joomla theme are SP Page Builder, Layer Slider, E-commerce Support, Default Blog Pages, Extensive Documentation, No Coding issues, Responsive designs, and Money Saving.


Assurance joomla template

Assurance is a business Joomla template that can be used for also accountants, mid brokers, consultants, and other financial planners. Actually, this template has developed on a strong framework with powerful shortcodes, fully bootstrap, effective drag and drop customization and endless positions. It’s fully responsive so you can access it on both mobile and computer. It looks stylish and pretty good to use so you can use this template for your development of finance business. Assurance template has an effective SP page builder so you can build new pages and other forms like a contact form.


Universal joomla template

The Best Joomla template is a need of every user but you have to very careful while choosing the right templates because the bad template can ruin your business. Universal is a special and complete Joomla template that will suitable for many business sectors and finance sectors. This special template has many important features like SEO friendly, Smart Sliders, SP page builder and quality user interface. You can get finance related forms and pages through this Joomla template because it’s fully convenient to use. You can make a new website by the certain help of the Universal template.


Brilliant joomla template

It’s a professional template for finance and business consulting and it has fully developed through Joomla. Brilliant Joomla template contains all important features like responsiveness, page builder, homepage variations and others. It works faster to create finance related sites so you can buy it without any hassles. It has a K2 extension so you can make blogs without any problems. T3 framework is fully for the purpose of SEO and it includes on this template.


fortune joomla template

Fortune is a brand new Joomla template that comes with some coolest features. You can build a brand identity for your site by using this exclusive template because it gives proper support for corporate business development. Typography is an additional feature of this Joomla template and it will make your clients surprise certainly. K2 content extension is really giving a nice experience to the users. It also contains responsive layouts so you can use it through any platforms. Fortune template is simple to access because it contains easy drag and drop option and other features. This template is working so good for the online presence of your business.

We finance

We finance joomla template

We finance is a modern Joomla business and finance template and it will be suitable for some corporate sites too. This template plays an essential role in the development of the online presence of financial firms. It includes all the aspects that we need for making a new site. This particular template has many home page variation and exclusive layouts with responsiveness. It has dropped and drags options with add-on features so you can make more pages within a few minutes. It’s simple to set up and it comes with complete e-commerce option so you can sell your things through it. It includes powerful sliders so you can feel good while accessing We finance theme.

Consult Press

Consult Press joomla template

Consult Press is a stylish Joomla theme that is good for consulting business and another finance relates to businesses. This template allows you to add more subpages like blogs, gallery, portfolio, pricing, my team, and career. Consult Press theme contains some additional features such as theme color switcher, social platforms, sliders, main menu, contact form, Google map, and cross-browser compatibility. You can build a new and quality consulting website with the help of the Consult Press Joomla template. It supports SEO as well so you can get the benefit of online presence improvement.


FinancePress joomla template

FinancePress is a classic finance Joomla template that gives wonderful support to every user of it. This template is also suitable for many business firms and it has many useful features that will help you to improve the business standards. FinancePress is coming with page builder and quality slider options so you can customize any pages whenever you want. E-commerce support is another feature of FinancePress so you can start their own online store to sell finance related things. It supports you to make a new page within a short period of time.


Consultive joomla template

Consultive is a Joomla template and it works well for consulting business and other insurance and finance firms. As usual, it contains a lot of features that help you to enhance the business quite simply. It comes with an automatic guide so you can customize pages or websites very easily. It also supports e-commerce so you simply start an online shopping cart with the help of the Consultive Joomla theme. You can get some common benefits like responsiveness, SP page builder, K2 extensions and others.

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Online promotion is a handy marketing technique widely used by digital marketers. Content promotion is a trendy marketing method that brings results as we exactly wanted so marketers love to use many contents promoting tools. Today, most marketers write superb articles but those not get reached so well due to the lack of promotion. Marketers will get certain benefits by using some content promotion tools. We are going to discuss the top 20 content promotion tools for making our content popular all around the world.


BuzzSumo is a good content promotion tool that has three major factors to be loved by everyone. First, the BuzzSumo tool is used to research a competitor’s blog that will help to find the right article to be written for a particular blog. This tool is also working excellent for finding a trademark influencer of a particular subject. The BuzzSumo tool has a special ability that keeps tracking the status of our article and even we can see how many shares our content really have.


Content promotion is simple to perform by using the HelloBar tool which only takes less than 5 minutes to set up. We require a lot of email addresses to make a content marketing campaign very successfully. HelloBar tool is a nice way to collect thousands of email addresses without any risks. More than five lack of marketers loves to use the HelloBar content promotion tool.


Facebook is a primary tool to publish any content like text, images, and videos. This is a world class tool so we just enough to post our articles on it. Facebook ads can be a cheaper method but it gives back an enormous amount of support from various audiences and clients. Facebook promotion is simply suitable for all business sectors so everyone can use it without any hesitation.


Twitter is a social media platform where we can share our content that will reach the followers. If we have millions of followers on Twitter, then we can achieve our business goals quite simply. Twitter is doing an exceptional job of sharing content with one simple click but we must get some useful audience support to stand tall in this platform.


We want traffic for our blog that may be small or big so content promotion is highly required. Zemanta is a paid promotion tool that gives amazing support to users who want to promote content. We can simply add our contents to Zemanta which promotes our articles on various blogs and sites respectively.  


Buffer is a standard content promotion tool that allows users to add their social media profiles to it. We can share our contents through Buffer and even we can choose which social accounts to share contents. Buffer shows which content is the best one that we have done earlier and share that post again and again.


Content marketing or promotion is pretty easy with the help of outbrain which helps us to share our articles. We can get 500 million views per month by using outbrain so it’s a gifted tool for users who want to promote content. The Outbrain works effectively to drive traffic from popular websites like ESPN, CNN and etc.  


Visual contents always reach the audience very well because those are easily understandable. Pinterest is a top social media platform that exclusively shares our visual contents. This tool also plays an effective curation tool that can find visual contents easily.


Quuu is a neat content promotion platform that is now very popular all around the world. We can submit our content on Quuu which automatically shares content over many popular accounts like Linkedin and others. It’s a paid platform but it makes a huge impact on content marketing.

Hootsuite Amplify

Hootsuite Amplify is a specialized tool that is suitable for a group of employees who wants to share content. This platform has some significant features like the visibility of shared content so we can see which content has more likes. This content promotion tool helps us to get excellent social reach.


Social media sites have millions of customers so we can simply make any content very popular through social media. Youtube is a top rank social media platform where we can simply share videos and images. If our content is strong and meaningful, then we can get unimaginable reach from the audience.  


CoSchedule is working as a very good content promotion tool where we can simply publish our content and regularly monitor them.  It can easily share our content on different social media platforms and our group members can access them. CoSchedule allows us to make changes in contents like change photos and texts. It is an automated tool so we can use it without any worries.  

The Old Reader

The Old Reader is a content promotion platform where we can read all our important content. This platform allows users to find our friends and businessmen easily. We can share our contents with them without any issues. It might help to get new clients for our business so we can use this platform for the betterment of our business.

Viral Content Bee

Viral Content Bee is an online content promotion tool that helps to share any content on major social platforms like Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook and etc. This platform considers our content as a new project so we can get guaranteed benefits from it. Viral Content Bee platform drives traffic to our content so we can use it for online content promotion.


Content promotion is possible in many ways but we need to find top methods to promote our content. Quora is an online forum where we can get answers for any type of questions and which is the right place to share our content and get a response from valuable users. Quora is also working to getting backlinks so we can get also SEO benefits.


Pixabay is a free photo and video sharing platform where we can also download high-quality images and videos. We can use this platform for content promotion which may let us get some audience support. Aim of content promotion is getting audience or customers support and that is possible by using Pixabay.


Content promotion is a key factor that helps users to gain popularity and there are hundreds of tools available for it. Curata is one of the curation tools which work faster to discover amazing contents. This curation tool is not a free tool but it is a useful tool for promoting content through many social media sites and other newsletters.

Portent’s Content Generator

Online content promotion tools have the ability to get unimaginable audience support so where we can get some useful benefits. Portent’s Content Generator is used to generate ideas about different content. It’s a free platform where we can enter keywords of what we wanted and get useful titles from it easily.   


Serpstat is a full-time search engine optimization platform that can be used for keyword research, site auditing, link analysis, and others. This platform really helps to get ideas about contents and keywords. It makes us very clear to make contents as per topics or keywords. This is a handy tool for content promotion and other SEO purposes.

Social Animal

Content marketing is important for bloggers and website owners to earn certain popularity. Social Animal is working for researching many articles and it also gives suggestions to post articles on different platforms. The social animal tool is one of the important options of many online content promoters.

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Creating a beautiful and responsive website with CMS takes only lesser time so everyone loves it. Joomla is one of the popular open source content management systems and you can use it to make a stylish website. Millions of users are keeping Joomla based websites because this is an era of open source CMS platform. Joomla has some specific inbuilt features so you no need any technical knowledge to complete the setup and customization. You may buy Joomla templates to make a new website within a few clicks. You can get some attractive benefits by using Joomla websites.

Why We Love Joomla

  • Joomla is a power pack platform so you no need to compare it with other CMS platforms. You would like to use Joomla because it has some specialized features and specifications.
  • Joomla has won more than 20 awards because it works well to build powerful websites and applications
  • Joomla users can feel secure because it comes with two efficient security features such as two-factor authentication and B-crypt algorithm
  • Joomla is fully SEO friendly so you can increase the volume of your website from various search engines. Slight work is enough to drive traffic to your website if you use a Joomla website
  • Joomla has many exclusive online tutorials so you can learn it quickly as possible for being a master of Joomla. Basically, Joomla is easy to understand so you can handle it without any difficulties
  • Joomla organizes the active forum in which you can get help and answers as soon as possible. There are thousands of experts in the online forum so you can get over from unwanted doubts as well.
  • Joomla supports more than 7000 extensions that are working to build a site as neatly as possible.
  • You can publish contents very easily on Joomla based sites
  • Front end editing is also a great feature of Joomla because most of CMS platforms not allow users to edit the front end
  • Since 2007, there are 30 million users have downloaded the Joomla software. 2.7 % of the world’s websites come under the platform of Joomla. You can see more than 1000000 Joomla websites are living currently all around the world
  • Joomla is multilingual so you can get it through any languages
  • Joomla is open source CMS so you can save money as well as for upgrading

The above points will help you to choose a Joomla over other content management systems. In these present days, common people want to use hassle free websites to promote their services effectively. Joomla is a great pick for you because it fulfills a need for website owners and website designers as well. Joomla templates are also very flexible to use so users love to buy Joomla templates for various business purposes.

Additional Details about Joomla Application

 We know Joomla is a complete content management system but it also acts as a lightweight PHP framework. Joomla contains an in-app contextual system so you can support from official designers. Joomla is simply amazing to create a brand new responsive website and it also supports PHP, HTML, and others. You can develop any kinds of websites like corporate websites, online portals, government, organization, and other formats by using the Joomla platform. In these present days, website development agencies would like to go for Joomla to get unimaginable flexibilities and advantages as well. Mostly hackers feel tough to hack Joomla websites but hackers can hack other content management systems. Security wise, Joomla is looking good so you can pick this platform without any doubts. Today, most of us like to buy Joomla themes from an effective service provider to avoid unwanted issues in the simple development of a business website.

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Web design is an art that helps to earn popularity and special identity to any users like a businessman, freelancers, and others. Every user wants to use a website to know about many things with complete details. Responsive web design is now trending all around the world due to the features and attractive structures. Smartphone users are now increasing rapidly because it contains endless core features. Old format website is not responsive which never gets resized as per the mobile view. Responsive web design comes with a point of reacting to the device of users so we can access mobile devices instead of desktop computers for viewing websites.

Advantages of Using Responsive Web Design

The basic website looks fit and works so well on desktop devices but we can’t expect the same fitness while working on a tablet or smartphone. A responsive website has many features that may be the reason for using it by the huge number of users and designers. Google personally recommends a responsive website to use because of increased mobile searchers respectively.

  • Well developed user experience is a benefit of using a responsive website. In responsive web design, we can feel easy with navigation, filling forms, accessing menus and other buttons of the website. A basic website is not so well in user experience so responsive web design is best for business.
  • As a result of research over web traffic, 53% of traffic comes from mobile users and it clearly shows how important is responsive web design.
  • Faster website development is one of the major reasons for going with responsive web design. A responsive website only takes a lesser time to be created but basic sites need more time to be created. We can feel the quickness when we spend time on any responsive website and it could be added advantage for all users.

  • Google supports responsive web design so search engine ranking will be increased rapidly.

  •  Responsive web design is best for online selling and even we can increase revenue respectively. A responsive site is showing contents very neatly with quality user experience so we may use it for many purposes.

  • Duplicate content can ruin our website rank and even Google takes sever actions over content duplications. Responsive web design is very handy to avoid spammy issues. A responsive website has a natural power to eliminate unwanted duplicate contents.
  • Responsive websites are loading faster on many devices like tablets, smartphone, and others. We must thank fluid grids and responsive images for making this happen.
  • Lower bounce rate is a key advantage of using a responsive website. A normal website may not be attractive so clients don’t want to spend more time on it for any reason. A responsive site is looking splendid with high-quality content so it will automatically reduce the bounce rate.
  • The conversion rate can be increased by using a responsive website so we can increase our popularity rapidly.
  • Responsive web design will help us to share social content so we can earn some new audience that may lead to the growth of the business.
  • Search engine optimization is now essential for all website holders and a responsive website is good for building backlinks.  
  • Responsive web design is simple with analytics, reporting and tracking so we no need to waste our valuable time over them separately
  • Responsive web design helps us to stay ahead of high competitions and it considers as a very big advantage for website holders.

Important Components of Responsive Web Design

A responsive website is doing a great job consistently so most users to want to get it for themselves. We must know what makes responsive web design is so good than other normal web design. There are three main components have included in it that really works well to make our website responsive as we wanted.

  • A fluid grid
  • Flexible images and texts
  • Media Queries

The fluid grid is an important component for developing a responsive layout. In the past, we use a grid to build websites but it won’t support well the fluid layouts. A fluid grid is exclusively working for responsive web design and it makes our site scalable and flexible. However, images and texts are very important for making websites. The flexible texts and images can help us to develop a responsive website and these elements play an important role in view of the website through mobile phones and tablet. The media queries are also helpful for making a responsive website and it’s like coding that specifies CSS. It aligns the view of the website significantly. A responsive website can help us in many ways with updated core features. In a responsive website, we don’t have any necessary to zoom the contents because it will be resized as per our requirement.

We need a very good responsive website that can be made easy by high-quality responsive themes. Our company is consistently developing various themes and templates which are looking attractive and splendid.

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Online shopping is a prior choice of common people so businessmen would like to run flexible online shopping cart sites. Joomla based sites could be the right one because it gives proper results to the users. However, they need support from Joomla extensions to make the eCommerce sites very effective. Nowadays, we can see the number of eCommerce extensions online so not necessary to feel worried about the selection of best Joomla extensions. Here we are going to see some very best Joomla eCommerce and shopping cart extensions.


VirtueMart joomlabuff

We always want to choose a standard extension to run our site without any issues so we may go for VirtueMart. It’s one of the excellent Joomla extensions because it’s open source and no need to spend money on it. This extension is pretty simple to customize but it takes some time to collaborate on new technologies. It contains a good interface and quality architecture so better performance will be guaranteed. It gives SEO support and even payment option is also good with VirtueMart. Overhaul VirtueMart could be the best choice of any eCommerce site developers.




j2store joomlabuff

J2Store is a free extension and even it does not require any difficult registration process. Nowadays, developers like to use this extension because it offers many features rather than many premium extensions. Some of the key features of J2Store extension are responsive design, modern pricing option, multilingual, product list layer, robust combination or variant generator, custom order status and order statistics in the dashboard.




eshop joomlabuff

Eshop is another quality Joomla shopping cart extension and it is also free to use. It has developed based on high-intensity Joomla MVC structure. It’s user-friendly so need to learn anything new to work on it. We can easily install it and even add products without any bit of hassle. Eshop Joomla extension is pretty responsive and robust. Here, payment methods are also simple so users can target this extension with belief.




hikashop joomlabuff

HikaShop is also an extension of the Joomla shopping cart and it brings some useful benefits to users. If we want to develop an eCommerce site with HikaShop, then we must have the knowledge of HTML and CSS for the betterment of results. Obviously, HikaShop is suitable for international sales so developers love to choose this extension.  It also gives multilingual support and payment gateways.




JoomShopping joomlabuff

JoomShopping extension is very popular because of its highly professional to use. It gives numerous functions that are helpful for increasing online sales rapidly. Additionally, this extension is free and offers many exclusive features. It supports multiple payment methods automatically and even it allows users to add any new payment methods. It simply manages many categories and products. It’s also multilingual and it offers tax management and delivery management.



#6.Phoca Cart

Phoca Cart joomlabuff min

Phoca Cart is an exclusive eCommerce extension and this is highly suitable for Joomla and it is developed by the modern responsive bootstrap library. There are plenty of features available in the Phoca Cart extension so users can use this for the betterment of e-commerce sites. The common features of this extension are responsive architecture, unlimited products, comparison list, auto image resize, coupons, cart discounts, multiple tax rates, payment methods, and others.




digicom joomlabuff

DigiCom is a great digital download selling extension and it’s available for free of cost. This extension helps users to get some valuable features like bundle selling, single selling, robust reporting, amazing extensible and others. DigiCom helps the user to simply sell some products like themes, music, art, books and other online products. It offers a one-click installation so users no need to follow a difficult protocol to customize this extension. It has a huge add-ons library so users can simply customize new pages. Users may run an online shopping cart by using this extension because it includes all the required tools. It allows users to showcase their products with attractive effects. Users can buy it at free of cost with the installation guide.




Sellacious joomlabuff

The Sellacious is a Joomla extension and it’s totally free and it will be a great choice for growing online sales. This extension is very simple to install and obviously an effective user interface. The Sellacious extension has a multi layer vendor store and it offers benefits like enterprise level management for vendors and staff. Now Sellacious extension team is spending time on EasySocial Integration.



#9.Instant Pro Shop

Instant Pro Shop joomlabuff

Instant PayPal Pro Shop is a valuable Joomla extension and it allows normal brochure websites into effective eCommerce websites. The users can sell products through PayPal without any difficulties. It’s a better extension for Joomla based sites but users have to spend money on it to use.




Quick2Cart joomlabuff

Quick2Cart is a simple and flexible Joomla extension and it simply offers multi-vendor, multi-store and other effective social integrations. It can be effective for big size eCommerce sites. This extension has a special option of native product manager and it allows a user to integrate with some CCK’s such as K2, Zoo, and Joomla contents.


Here we are going to discuss the SEO audit process. Auditing the site is a basic step of SEO because it helps us to show complete details about our website. Nowadays, we can simply complete the SEO audit process with the help of some special tools. We can improve our search traffic by following some of the steps of an SEO audit. We should keep in mind that what steps need to be done for boosting the traffic. We may refer to blogs or seek experts to help to find the right methods to do an SEO audit.

Essential Tools need for SEO Audit Process

In the past days, the SEO audit process is highly technical and also it takes time to complete. Now we can use many advanced tools for SEO auditing and some of the required tools are
   • Google Search Console
   • Google Analytics
   • Google Page Speed Insights
   • Google Structured Data Testing Tool
   • Copyscape
   • Ahrefs
   • SERP simulator
   • Page Word Counter

Not above all tools need for manual site audit but these tools will be useful for easy site auditing. Google search console is basically for optimization of website and maintenance so we can easily correct the mistakes of websites. Google Analytics tools can be important for SEO and website management. This tool helps website owners to improve the SEO and it also gives a lot of information about the performance of any particular website. The Google page speed insights tool will also helpful for the betterment of SEO. This tool simply analyzes the full content of the website and it also creates some suggestions to improve the speed of the website or webpage. However, we no need to spend more time checking the content manually. The Google structured data testing tool is also working for the site auditing process. This tool simply scans the structured data on our website and it also generates the sample view of the scanned site. We can bring more natural traffic through this special tool so it’s a beneficial tool for site auditing. Content plays an essential role in the improvement of SEO but we have to create plagiarism free content for ranking. The Copyscape is a free tool of SEO and it’s only checking the duplication in content so we can avoid online threats and plagiarism issues. There are many paid plagiarism tools also available but this tool highly beneficial for making the process of site auditing.

Generally, we are looking for multiple benefits by using a single application because it saves time and money. Ahrefs tool is a pretty helpful tool because this tool can be used at SEO, link building, and content. When we are conducting a site or SEO auditing process, this tool might be the right choice. If we know about how to use the Ahrefs tool, then we can do SEO auditing process without any troubles. The SERP simulator is a search snippet optimization tool of Google and this tool helps to see a sample of our search results. We can simply update the description, title by using the SERP simulator. However, we can make our listing is so beautiful by this splendid tool. We know that content is highly important and we must keep leveling the word count for improvement of search ranking. A page word counter is a free tool that simply counts the total no of characters and words in page or site. This tool will help us to run the site auditing process so we may use it for SEO improvement. There are plenty of online word counter tools available but page word counter is well enough for better performance of the website. The above tools are giving a contribution in the site auditing process so we can use them without any doubts.

Is a website only enough to make a successful marketing campaign? Obviously, the answer is no because we need some deserved techniques to make it. Online marketing is now growing faster so mostly all of us want to follow it. Now, we have to complete the SEO process to get some traffic otherwise we can’t follow the faster business world. Generally, SEO has two portions that are on-page and off-page. The on-page SEO is fully about making changes within the website and it’s very essential to start before off-page SEO. The off-page SEO is totally opposite to on-page SEO because it’s fully optimized from outside the website. Here we are going to know about only on-page SEO insights. There are many checklists of on-page SEO available online so we can easily refer to it without any hassle.

The General Factors of Good On-Page SEO

If we need a good SEO optimized website, then we have to follow certain techniques to avoid issues in the rank of the website. Here we can make an on-page SEO perfect by using some branded guides. We guys can optimize on-page by these factors that are

    • Title Tags
    • Meta Descriptions
    • Simple URL structure
    • Image optimization
    • Fresh Contents
    • Outbound links
    • Page Speed
    • Social sharing Button Addition
    • Mobile friendly website

raraKeyword generation is a very first step of the SEO process and it’s very easy by using some brand tools. The title is always important because it will be shown on the first page of the blog or website. We need to put the keyword on the title and it helps us to get a good amount of traffic and the title should be between 70 to 80 characters. The meta description is also very important but it never affects the rank of the website. Here we also need to include the generated keyword and which improves the visibility of the page. We guys should not write a meta-description above 165 characters and it’s highly essential to optimize on-page SEO. Generally, common people love to access smart and small URL’s to feel comfortable. We should also alter the URL’s for better access to the website and now it’s easy by the help of advanced SEO tools.

Image optimization is bringing more traffic and it’s proved so we should optimize best and quality images on website or blog. We have to keep the keyword on file names of images and it will be helpful for the improvement of visibility.  Content development is the most important process because it only decides the rank of the website. Fresh content is making SEO very simple so we have to write the best content.  Normally common readers want to read simple and useful contents so we guys must careful in this portion. We need to upload content on the website regularly to attract customers quite conveniently.
We should link our website to some of the related authoritative websites and it helps to gain traffic. We guys should care that we do not go with any no-follow sites and also we can add some benefits to readers to go for trustworthy references.  Page speed has to be higher for better access to the website and it’s possible by altering some factors such as reducing the HTTP request, server response time reduction, optimize many images and other techniques. We can improve dwell time and it certainly helpful for page speed of any website.  Social sharing buttons have to be added on every page of the website and it helps to gain traffic. This portion helps readers to access our social media pages without any trouble. In these modern days, we should keep updated with new trends. We have to alter our website as mobile friendly and it helps us to complete the SEO process without any problems. Above all factors will help us to optimize the webpage or website but we need some attention and clarity to make it happen.

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