20+ Joomla Templates Get Latest SP Page Builder Pro and More

Joomlabuff is known for its after-sales support. It is essential for us to keep updated of ourself and our products to serve our customers well. This will help our customers to be on the verge of the latest technology and ensure their digital presence with the utmost security. Our core team has worked intensively and have included the latest versions of Joomla! And the security patches to our web templates. This is one of the largest processes of updation that we have executed so far. 

We further strive to make our products help the customers well. This improvement in our products will help both our existing and new customers better performance, and visibility in the digital world. Kindly go through the list of templates we've updated with the latest changes.


  • Update: Joomla v3.9.16
  • UpdateSP Page Builder v3.7.0
  • Update: Updated All Extensions To latest version
  • Fixed: All Knows issues

Below you find a list of all our templates, which are now compatible with the latest version of Joomla:

  1. Gardener - Gardening, Lawn and Landscaping Joomla Theme
  2. Financepress - Consulting Business, Finance Joomla Template
  3. Factorypress - Industrial Business Joomla Template
  4. Consultpress - Finance & Consulting Business Joomla Template
  5. Landscapist - Lawn & Landscaping Joomla Template
  6. Interrio - Architecture & Interior design Joomla Template
  7. Autocare - Car Mechanic, Workshops, Auto Repair Centers
  8. Decorators - Architecture & Modern Interior Design Studio
  9. Healthcoach - Fitness, Health, Personal Life Coaching
  10. Repairplus - Electronics and Phone Repair Joomla Template
  11. Fortune - Finance, Consulting & Professional Business Joomla Template
  12. Organicstore - E-commerce template for Organic food products
  13. Industries - Industries & Factory Business Joomla Template
  14. Aircare - Air Conditioning Maintenance Services Joomla Template
  15. Consultive - Business Consulting Joomla Template
  16. Humanity - Nonprofit, Charity, NGO Fundraising Joomla Template
  17. Assurance - Business Consulting Joomla Template
  18. FactoryHub - Industries & Factory Business Joomla Template
  19. The Experts - Business Consulting Joomla Template
  20. Landshaper - Gardening, Lawn and Landscaping Joomla Template
  21. Brilliant - Finance & Consulting Buiness Joomla Template
  22. Woodworks - Renovation Services and Craftsman Business Joomla Template
  23. Universal - Finance & Consulting Business Joomla Template

We are glad to provide you with the best possible experience and we are looking forward to hearing what you think about the update.

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