20 Best Content Promotion Tools of 2019

Online promotion is a handy marketing technique widely used by digital marketers. Content promotion is a trendy marketing method that brings results as we exactly wanted so marketers love to use many contents promoting tools. Today, most marketers write superb articles but those not get reached so well due to the lack of promotion. Marketers will get certain benefits by using some content promotion tools. We are going to discuss the top 20 content promotion tools for making our content popular all around the world.


BuzzSumo is a good content promotion tool that has three major factors to be loved by everyone. First, the BuzzSumo tool is used to research a competitor’s blog that will help to find the right article to be written for a particular blog. This tool is also working excellent for finding a trademark influencer of a particular subject. The BuzzSumo tool has a special ability that keeps tracking the status of our article and even we can see how many shares our content really have.


Content promotion is simple to perform by using the HelloBar tool which only takes less than 5 minutes to set up. We require a lot of email addresses to make a content marketing campaign very successfully. HelloBar tool is a nice way to collect thousands of email addresses without any risks. More than five lack of marketers loves to use the HelloBar content promotion tool.


Facebook is a primary tool to publish any content like text, images, and videos. This is a world class tool so we just enough to post our articles on it. Facebook ads can be a cheaper method but it gives back an enormous amount of support from various audiences and clients. Facebook promotion is simply suitable for all business sectors so everyone can use it without any hesitation.


Twitter is a social media platform where we can share our content that will reach the followers. If we have millions of followers on Twitter, then we can achieve our business goals quite simply. Twitter is doing an exceptional job of sharing content with one simple click but we must get some useful audience support to stand tall in this platform.


We want traffic for our blog that may be small or big so content promotion is highly required. Zemanta is a paid promotion tool that gives amazing support to users who want to promote content. We can simply add our contents to Zemanta which promotes our articles on various blogs and sites respectively.  


Buffer is a standard content promotion tool that allows users to add their social media profiles to it. We can share our contents through Buffer and even we can choose which social accounts to share contents. Buffer shows which content is the best one that we have done earlier and share that post again and again.


Content marketing or promotion is pretty easy with the help of outbrain which helps us to share our articles. We can get 500 million views per month by using outbrain so it’s a gifted tool for users who want to promote content. The Outbrain works effectively to drive traffic from popular websites like ESPN, CNN and etc.  


Visual contents always reach the audience very well because those are easily understandable. Pinterest is a top social media platform that exclusively shares our visual contents. This tool also plays an effective curation tool that can find visual contents easily.


Quuu is a neat content promotion platform that is now very popular all around the world. We can submit our content on Quuu which automatically shares content over many popular accounts like Linkedin and others. It’s a paid platform but it makes a huge impact on content marketing.

Hootsuite Amplify

Hootsuite Amplify is a specialized tool that is suitable for a group of employees who wants to share content. This platform has some significant features like the visibility of shared content so we can see which content has more likes. This content promotion tool helps us to get excellent social reach.


Social media sites have millions of customers so we can simply make any content very popular through social media. Youtube is a top rank social media platform where we can simply share videos and images. If our content is strong and meaningful, then we can get unimaginable reach from the audience.  


CoSchedule is working as a very good content promotion tool where we can simply publish our content and regularly monitor them.  It can easily share our content on different social media platforms and our group members can access them. CoSchedule allows us to make changes in contents like change photos and texts. It is an automated tool so we can use it without any worries.  

The Old Reader

The Old Reader is a content promotion platform where we can read all our important content. This platform allows users to find our friends and businessmen easily. We can share our contents with them without any issues. It might help to get new clients for our business so we can use this platform for the betterment of our business.

Viral Content Bee

Viral Content Bee is an online content promotion tool that helps to share any content on major social platforms like Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook and etc. This platform considers our content as a new project so we can get guaranteed benefits from it. Viral Content Bee platform drives traffic to our content so we can use it for online content promotion.


Content promotion is possible in many ways but we need to find top methods to promote our content. Quora is an online forum where we can get answers for any type of questions and which is the right place to share our content and get a response from valuable users. Quora is also working to getting backlinks so we can get also SEO benefits.


Pixabay is a free photo and video sharing platform where we can also download high-quality images and videos. We can use this platform for content promotion which may let us get some audience support. Aim of content promotion is getting audience or customers support and that is possible by using Pixabay.


Content promotion is a key factor that helps users to gain popularity and there are hundreds of tools available for it. Curata is one of the curation tools which work faster to discover amazing contents. This curation tool is not a free tool but it is a useful tool for promoting content through many social media sites and other newsletters.

Portent’s Content Generator

Online content promotion tools have the ability to get unimaginable audience support so where we can get some useful benefits. Portent’s Content Generator is used to generate ideas about different content. It’s a free platform where we can enter keywords of what we wanted and get useful titles from it easily.   


Serpstat is a full-time search engine optimization platform that can be used for keyword research, site auditing, link analysis, and others. This platform really helps to get ideas about contents and keywords. It makes us very clear to make contents as per topics or keywords. This is a handy tool for content promotion and other SEO purposes.

Social Animal

Content marketing is important for bloggers and website owners to earn certain popularity. Social Animal is working for researching many articles and it also gives suggestions to post articles on different platforms. The social animal tool is one of the important options of many online content promoters.

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