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3 Reasons Why Typography is the key for Web Designing

Any talented graphic/web designer likes to use typography to explore the interaction with what type simply says and how it appears. The overall message of the work must be considered. To convey that message, a fine line must be walked between the visual language and the verbal language.

On some occasions, however, Typography dominates the effect of a Web designer. Those times are when the visual really does speak louder than words. The effect of any responsive web design depends on this.

Still, many people ask what is the importance of paying attention to something so small. Some examples of the importance can come through by also discussing brand recognition, film, furniture, and fashion.

Typography… Why do you really need to care about this?

Good typography can play a vital role in the success of a web design. It can help generate a visual hierarchy. It can make text easier to read. As the quote from Steve Jobs Stanford commencement address below notes, typography is not some random spur of the moment decision, there's many factors and values that should be considered to generate well-tailored typography that not only looks good, but provides the functional advantage of being easier to read and take value away from.

Why are new fonts needed? Why can’t web designers be content with Arial or Georgia? Of course, the same thing can be said about fashion or furniture. New designs are not strictly needed but many people wish to present a certain look or mood and want the design to match.

Few are truly “new,” but the use of existing items to create variations of those and new ways to combine them makes a “new” product out of those old ones. Just like in those contexts, typographic web design can combine those “old” methods in new and creative ways.

Elements of Good Typography

  • Consistency – in any typographical work the consistent use of typefaces, kerning, leading, bullets and formatting is critical. Consistency makes the work look professional and keeps your readers focused on the content and not the formatting.
  • Hierarchy – it is important that your text gets read in the order that it’s meant to be read in. Take a book for consideration; the title is the first thing a reader sees, then the author’s name, followed by the chapters and then the story. Hierarchy intentionally guides the reader through the content. Often with best-selling authors, their name will appear larger or the same size as the title of the book. This is because the designer is aware the author has an existing fan base that will be interested in the book regardless of the title and will most likely pick it up for that very reason.
  • Alignment – Alignment helps keep the look of a piece unified. A flush left or flush right alignment gives the piece a stronger edge line for the viewer’s eye to follow. It also tends to give a more sophisticated look than a centered alignment, which is often the choice of typography novices.

Let us discuss in detail about some facts that justifies how typography is the real key for a successful web design

1. Typography enable us to communicate

When taking a look at a website, you can often say even from the first glance whether it is a fun or a serious, business-like vibe that it is sending out. A large part of this message is achieved through typography.

The layout and look of the website are complemented by the choice of colors and fonts and the way the content is arranged on the page to evoke certain feelings and emotions into the visitors. Just a quick glance of the page is enough to either grab your audience’s attention or drive them away for good.

2. Drives your Brand value

You don’t believe that typography plays a part in branding? Then you should try this simple experiment out: Take a well-known brand and change its typeface and font. Then look at it again. Doesn’t that change your whole perception of that brand? Doesn’t it look out of balance?

As a designer, you want to choose a type style that best expresses the message you want to send.”   - Ina Saltz, Foundations of Typography

A brand is largely defined by its logo. It is what establishes the brand’s identity among the users. There is no second opinion about that. However, if you have a great logo and don’t complement it with adequate web typography, you won’t go a long way as a brand. If, on the other hand, your font, logo and typeface go hand in hand harmoniously, then you have a winner!

3. It gains you customer Retention

Good content is not enough for building a great website. It should be well presented, too. The solution to that task is typography. Every element can have its impact on the way your content is perceived – starting from the size and font of the text all the way to its alignment and arrangement on your pages and the colors you’ll select. Good typography will emphasize on the most important parts of your content and draw the readers’ attention to them, and it will also define the whole structure and flow of your website.

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